Countries by Borders #3

We give you the land borders of a country. You name the country.
Quiz by Jerry928
Last updated: February 16, 2019
First submittedJune 3, 2014
Times taken43,115
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Land Borders
Russia, Finland, Sweden
China, Russia
San Marino
Vatican City
China, India
Sudan, Djibouti, Ethiopia
Zambia, Tanzania, Mozambique
South Africa, Mozambique
Honduras, Guatemala
El Salvador
Land Borders
Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia
Guyana, Brazil, France
Mauritania, Spain, Algeria
Romania, Ukraine
East Timor
Papua New Guinea
Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia
Cameroon, Gabon
Equatorial Guinea
Saudi Arabia, Oman
United Arab Emirates
Level 81
May 18, 2018
I always thought Brunei bordered Indonesia. Turns out it's surrounded by Malaysia alone. Whoa.
Level 66
May 18, 2018
Sometimes when I take a quiz like this, I fantasize I am on a game show with a million dollar prize. The final question involves identifying 20 countries by their land borders in a limited time, because the show producers have never heard of Jetpunk, and think no one could possibly name all of the countries by their land borders, until I showed up.
Level 69
May 22, 2018
Level 72
Jul 3, 2018
I adore your comment. I took all the border quizzes a while back and was so excited to see another one.
Level 76
May 19, 2018
Excellent quiz. Thank you.
Level 92
May 20, 2018
on Borneo Indonesia also borders Malaysia. Pls fix
Level 72
May 20, 2018
Irrelevant. Indonesia is the clue. Russia borders many countries, for instance, but they are not listed because Russia is not the answer. The answers are the countries that border Indonesia but no other: East Timor and Papua New Guinea.
Level 74
Feb 1, 2021
Yes, I agree with this.
Level 73
Sep 18, 2020
This is like the April's Fools quizzes - that's the only one you noticed something wrong with by your standard?
Level 50
May 29, 2018
Spaced out on El Salvador, but remembered and finished with 6 seconds left.
Level 71
Apr 11, 2020
Phew! What a rollercoaster of a story!
Level 48
Sep 21, 2018
Please make more.
Level 75
Sep 21, 2018
You could try #1 and #2 in this series by Quizmaster. After that lot, there aren't enough countries left over to create a #4!
Level 71
Apr 11, 2020
Keep going! Why is Eritrea repeated? Have more Central European countries, Central Asian countries, South American ones etc - the ones with 4-5 borders are sometimes the trickiest.
Level 33
Sep 21, 2018
average is 16 because jetpunk kids are smart

oh also this website is filtered on my school laptop

Level 70
May 17, 2021
Fun fact: When I was in high school, websites about making meth weren't blocked while tons of educational videos on YouTube were. Not even joking. Luckily, JetPunk was one website that wasn't blocked :)
Level 28
Aug 17, 2021
Level 36
Sep 27, 2018
Nice quiz, well done.
Level 37
Oct 28, 2018
I thought that UAE was beyond Oman, so how could it be between Saudi Arabia and Oman?
Level 75
Oct 28, 2018
It depends which direction you're looking from when you say "beyond". Have a look at a map and you'll see how the answer fits the clue.
Level 33
Jan 17, 2019
I didn't know Spain borderes Morocco, so Egypt in not the only african country that connects with Eurasia!
Level 55
Jan 22, 2019
I don't know why people put that Spain borders Morocco, there is water in between Spain and Morocco so they don't touch each other, personally I think they should take this out, as well as the occasional instance where people say Qatar and UAE border, or India and Sri Lanka just because they get really close.
Level 75
Jan 22, 2019
I don't know why people post comments like this without doing a bit of research first. I've been across that border crossing, and it's a regular ordinary national border. You can see it in more detail here.
Level 67
Sep 26, 2019
Isnt it a territory? Instead of an integral part of spain. That is how I have seen it described.
Level 61
Mar 26, 2020
There are two territories, Ceuta and Melilla, both integral parts of Spain, even though Morocco claims them both.
Level 35
Jul 2, 2022
Qatar did border the UAE before the 1974 Jeddah Treaty
Level 60
Jun 7, 2020
It is. The borders between Spain and Morocco (Ceuta and Melilla) are in Africa, so it's Spain spilling into Africa, not the other way around like Egypt.
Level 25
Apr 24, 2020
they say it borders probably because they are less than 2 miles away
Level 73
Sep 18, 2020
They say it borders probably because they border, and for no other reason.
Level 23
Jan 17, 2021
Missed Malawi. Like man, where is Malawi? I know It only from name xD
Level 47
Apr 29, 2021
Have a look at Lake Malawi and you won't forget again.
Level 32
May 21, 2021
Nice quiz 20/20
Level 59
Jan 3, 2022
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