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Possibly the most isolated country continues with its brinkmanship attitude and it's aparrently evil agenda. Closely 1 million people starve to death in this nation and it's only getting worse as the government has decided to put all of its money into building 100 story hotel buildings as well as building up its nuclear arsenal.North Korea
Perhaps this country isn't even a country, more of a lawless land with no hope of a better future. This country is run by pirates and warlords and has virtually no economy other than a black market and a drug economy. Recently the country has become noticed for its constant pirate attacks on passing international vessels. This is one of the reasons these inhabitants exploit the absence of government in the nation.Somalia
Currently this country contains Central Africa's main water source in Lake Chad, but recently this source has dried up completely leaving the country in drought and famine. As conditions in this country continue to get worse it goes virtually unnoticed as there is little that can be done to stabilize this economically devastated nation.Chad
Years and years of war and genocide have torn this country apart and the humanitarian crisis in the nation is catastrophic. The country is currently the second poorest in the world in front of only Zimbabwe GDP wise.Democratic Republic of the Congo
Genocide anyone? Well despite the government denying the obvious genocide in this country, it gives meaning to the phrase FML. Not only does the Darfur Region suffer from disease and starvation, but they also suffer from the genocide of the southern Christians committed by the north Islamic government.Sudan
Bordering this country are the nations of Congo, Chad, and Sudan also among the worst countries to live in. It is most likely the lack of safe drinking water and ongoing civil war which makes this country so difficult to live in. Also in the middle of f__kin nowhere.Central African Republic
The word "failure" derives from the situation in this country. The country currently faces complete economic failure. The country recently printed out the 1 trillion dollar bill and the currency exchange rate is something like 1 USD= 47,000,000 dollars of this country.Zimbabwe
Poverty and war plagues this small African nation. The blood diamond crisis is most evident in this country as neither the government or the largest UN mandate ever could prevent the violence associated with blood diamonds. The country continues on a downward spiral and living here is not preferred by anyone.Sierra Leone
After a coup de etat in this country and the changing of its name, this country has in power one of the strictest junta governments and there are virtually no human rights. Isolation from the world has made this country the way it is as the government rarely meets with UN officials or officials of neighboring countries.Myanmar
Besides being completely landlocked and being the 44th poorest country in the world, this country continues to be poorer and poorer. The communist regime in the country continues to become more and more oppressive as their legitimacy declines.Laos
Doomed since its existence this country continues to be known for its malaraia and its aids crises. There is barely any safe drinking water in this nation and despite receiving much aid from the UN the country continues continues to degrade and crumble as many African nations in this same situation do. The only hope in this nation is a cure from the AIDs virus and a way to make drinking water safe to curb Malaria.Mozambique

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