Homophones Quiz #2

Given definitions (from dictionary.reference.com), name any one of the following homophones. E.g. See OR Sea
Quiz by KatM
Last updated: September 28, 2014
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First submittedFebruary 16, 2013
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1. A rising upward movement OR 2. To agree or approve.
Ascent OR Assent
1. Uttered by the mouth (spoken) OR 2. To pertain an aura
Oral OR Aural
1. To walk in water OR 2. Past tense of a type of measure for quantity
Wade OR Weighed
1. An informal trousers for casual wear OR 2. The basic units of heredity
Jeans OR Genes
1. Circular band of metal used as an ornament OR 2. To twist and compress
Ring OR Wring
1. Having a dull or lusterless surface OR 2. A piece of fabric used as protective covering for the floor
Matte OR Mat
1. No one; not one OR 2. a woman member of a religious order
None OR Nun
1. Part of human body between ribs and hips OR 2. Garbage, rubbish or trash
Waist OR Waste
1. Pertaining language of Siamese OR 2. To bind, fasten or attach with string
Thai OR Tie
1. An oar mounted on a fulcrum at the stern of a small boat OR 2. The bony framework of the head
Scull OR Skull
1. A cut and polished precious stone OR 2. The SI unit for work or energy
Jewel OR Joule
1. A large longheaded mammal of the deer family OR 2. A sweetened dessert with whipped cream
Moose OR Mousse
1. The largest species of marine mammals OR 2. To utter a prolonged mournful cry
Whale OR Wail
Level 30
Jun 30, 2013
Since when was a waist between your ribs?
Level 51
Sep 8, 2015
It says "between ribs and hips", not "between ribs."
Level 31
Oct 2, 2013
Oral and Aural are not homophones and neither are none and nun.

O-rull Or-ull

N-onn N-unn

Level 57
Mar 14, 2014
I think you mean a mammal of the DEER family. Also, Assent is not to give in. To approve is more accurate.
Level 23
Sep 28, 2014
Thanks - edits have been made.