Masks in "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask"

Name the many masks that Link must collect to restore things in Termina!
This quiz includes transformation masks, normal masks and boss remains.
(Descriptions taken partly from on Jan. 28th 2015)
Quiz by PeteBelmar
Last updated: May 15, 2018
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Transformation masks
Transforms Link into a wooden creature
Deku Mask
Transforms Link into a stone-eating humanoid
Goron Mask
Transforms Link into a fish-like humanoid
Zora Mask
Transforms Link into a powerful warrior
Fierce Deity Mask
Normal masks
Enables Link to open mail boxes
Postman's Hat
Keeps Link from falling asleep
All-Night Mask
Detonates like a bomb
Blast Mask
Makes Link invisible to most enemies and characters
Stone Mask
Alerts to presence of (and attracts) stray fairies
Great Fairy Mask
Summons Keatons
Keaton Mask
Plays music and prompts small animals to march
Bremen Mask
Increases running speed, jumping distance, and agility
Bunny Hood
Allows communication with frogs
Don Gero's Mask
Enables Link to find mushrooms by smelling them
Mask of Scents
Normal masks (cont.)
Grants access to the Milk Bar at night
Romani's Mask
Calms angry people, prevents attack from Milk Road pursuers
Circus Leader's Mask
Characters will talk about Kafei
Kafei's Mask
Symbolizes ultimate love, stops long disputes among people
Couple's Mask
Allows wearer to listen to Gossip Stones and the thoughts of animals
Mask of Truth
Allows wearer to dance
Kamaro's Mask
Prevents Gibdo and ReDead attacks
Gibdo Mask
Allows entry into Ikana Canyon, attracts Garo Ninjas and prevents ReDead attacks
Garo's Mask
Prevents Stalchildren and ReDead attacks
Captain's Hat
Transforms Link into a giant during the battle against Twinmold
Giant's Mask
Boss remains
Remains of Woodfall Temple's boss
Odolwa's Remains
Remains of Snowhead Temple's boss
Goht's Remains
Remains of Great Bay Temple's boss
Gyorg's Remains
Remains of Stone Tower Temple's boss
Twinmold's Remains
Level 71
Sep 28, 2016
I'm digging this quiz - more so than the other mask quizzes. Not that its a huge deal, but you could format the top right box to say "Normal Masks (cont.) and color code it the same. It would just tie the whole page together nicely. Otherwise, well done.
Level 46
Mar 13, 2017
Thank you! :)
Level 4
Feb 16, 2018
the circus leaders mask is called the troupe leaders mask
Level 46
May 15, 2018
I added "Troupe Leader's Mask" as an acceptable type-in, but kept "Circus Leader's Mask" as the official answer, as it is its name in the original game.