The Office - Jim and Pam's Story

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Last updated: July 18, 2017
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What event leads to Jim remarking "Not a bad day"
Pam sleeping on Jim's Shoulder
The first prank that Jim and Pam play on Dwight took place when he was choosing the companies?
Health Care Plan
During which company event do Jim and Pam share their first kiss?
The Dundies
During the first 'date' on the rooftop, what meal does Jim cook for Pam?
Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Excluding the yearbook photo/card, name one other item that Jim puts in the Christmas teapot for Pam
Cassette, hot sauce packet, pencil
Who is the first person that Jim confides in about his crush on Pam?
Where does Jim plan to take a holiday to in order to avoid Pam's wedding?
What do Jim and Pam do together that leads to Pam remarking “It was a good day… I don’t know.. it was a good day”?
During which company event does Jim confess his love to Pam?
Casino Night
After Jim moves to Stamford, how do he and Pam first reconnect?
Jim and Pam’s first prank on his return to Scranton revolves around Dwight being recruited by the?
What does Pam do just before confessing her feelings for Jim?
The Coal Walk
What was Pam in the middle of doing when Jim interrupts to ask her out for dinner?
Who first uncovers that Jim and Pam are dating?
The Camera Crew
How do the rest of the Office find out that Jim and Pam are dating?
Toby's PDA Memo
What refrigerated item surrounds the story of the moment that Pam first realised she liked Jim?
Expired Yoghurt
Where do Jim and Pam spend their first night away together?
Dwight’s Beet farm
How long after Jim and Pam start dating does Jim purchase Pam's engagement ring?
One week
What is Jim doing the first time he fake proposes to Pam?
Tying his shoe
Where does Jim propose to pam?
Gas Station
During which Company event do Jim and Pam find out they're pregnant?
Company Picnic
What is the grand gesture of love that Jim does secretly for Pam?
Buys his parents house
What does Jim say to Pam’s dad that prompts her parents divorce?
Just how much he loves her
How did Pam know that Jim really wanted to elope with her?
She had just woken up - was not looking cute
What does Jim do to calm Pam down about her veil tearing?
Cuts his own tie
Name either the artist or the song that was playing as Pam and the office staff walked down the aisle?
Forever - Chris Brown
Where do Jim and Pam get married?
Niagara Falls
What is the name of Jim and Pam’s first child?
What does Pam handmake for Jim one Christmas?
Comic Book - The Adventures of Jimmy Halpert
What is the name of Jim and Pam’s second child?
What new venture does Jim keep secret from Pam?
When Jim and Pam are having dinner after her interview in Philadelphia, what does Pam confess to Jim?
She's not sure if she wants 'this'
During the following narration, what is occurring in the episode? “Love never fails. And now these three remain; faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these, is love”
Jim and Pam embrace and kiss - reconnecting after months of disconnect
Jim - “Not enough for me..? You are ___ to me”
On Jim’s list; Pam, Cece, New baby were on one side, what was on the other?
Everything else
What grand gesture does Pam do for Jim in the very final episode?
Sells their house
Level 35
Oct 14, 2019
A few of these require answers that are far too specific.
Level 15
Jan 8, 2021
I agree
Level 48
Nov 19, 2021
buzzwords didn't work: Walked on hot coals did nothing, Dwight's farm did nothing. Bought his parents house did nothing. Sold their house did nothing. Cuts his tie did nothing.