Quizzes by Jigglypuff5

A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user Jigglypuff5.
# of Quizzes 19
# Subscribers 2
Times taken 26,242
Quizmaker Rank # 814
3,6542012-11-13Word Scramble - Vegetables
3,2492012-12-04French Colors
2,6102012-10-28French Verbs
2,4012013-09-05Word Scramble: Spices and Herbs
1,9432012-11-05Fast Typing of the Keyboard
1,6762013-01-05Spanish Colors
1,5242013-08-07Animals that start with W.
1,4192012-11-03French Verbs 2
1,3772013-02-21Animals that begin with P.
1,2292012-12-14Parts of Speech
1,2192012-07-30Pokemon Types
1,0752013-10-13State Flowers
7392012-12-13The Nine Muses
5902013-02-16Winx Club!
5702013-09-03Weird Exotic Fruits (Word Scramble)
4812013-09-11Cartoon Network Shows
3152014-07-22Desserts From Around the World
922012-12-13♫ The Thirteen Original Colonies ♫
792013-09-04Rose Colors