Apollo Astronauts

Name the astronauts for 13 Apollo missions 1967-1975 (excluding Skylab).

The clues are the mission ranks:
  • CDR = Commander
  • CMP = Command Module Pilot (remained in the spaceship)
  • LMP = Lunar Module Pilot (walked on moon with CDR).
  • (DMP = Docking Module Pilot—Apollo Soyuz only)
Write the correct answer for the highlighted question. Tab or click to skip a question.
* Mission landed on moon
Quiz by LarryLovage
Last updated: October 2, 2017
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Apolli I CDR
Virgil I "Gus" Grissom
Apollo I CMP
Edward H. White
Apollo I LMP
Roger Chaffee
Apollo VII CDR
Walter M. Schirra
Apollo VII CMP
Donn F. Eisele
Apollo VII LMP
R. Walter Cunningham
Frank Borman
James A. Lovell
William A. Anders
Apollo IX CDR
James McDivitt
Apollo IX CMP
David R. Scott
Apollo IX LMP
Russell "Rusty" Schweickart
Apollo X CDR
Thomas P. Stafford
Apollo X CMP
John W. Young
Apollo X LMP
Eugene A. Cernan
Apollo XI* CDR
Neil Alden Armstrong
Apollo XI* CMP
Michael Collins
Apollo XI* LMP
Edwin R. "Buzz" Aldrin
Apollo XII* CDR
Charles P. "Pete" Conrad
Apollo XII* CMP
Richard F. Gordon
Apollo XII* LMP
Alan Bean
James A Lovell
John L "Jack" Swigert
Fred Haise
Apollo XIV* CDR
Alan B. Shepard
Apollo XIV* CMP
Stuart A. "Stu" Roosa
Apollo XIV* LMP
Edgar D. Mitchell
Apollo XV* CDR
David R. Scott
Apollo XV* CMP
Alfred M. Worden
Apollo XV* LMP
James B. Irwin
Apollo XVI* CDR
John W. Young
Apollo XVI* CMP
Thomas "Ken" Mattingly
Apollo XVI* LMP
Charles M. Duke
Apollo XVII* CDR
Eugene A. Cernan
Apollo XVII* CMP
Ronald Evans
Apollo XVII* LMP
Harrison "Jack" Schmitt
Apollo Soyuz CDR
Thomas P. Stafford
Apollo Soyuz CMP
Vance D. Brand
Apollo Soyuz DMP
Donald K. "Deke" Slayton
Level 22
Dec 7, 2014
You seriously need to loosen up this quiz! Remove the Middle Name/Middle Initial from the spelling requirement. Permit nicknames (for instance Pete Conrad or Charles Conrad should be valid spellings for the Apollo 12 Commander. Otherwise, this quiz is impossible unless you've memorized their middle initials!
Level 55
Dec 15, 2014
I did!!

I think the problem you had is that I made it a fixed box quiz. You have to put the correct answer for the yellow box. You can use tab (or click the desired answer box) to move the yellow box to the desired answer if you need to skip. Don't forget, when the answers appear at the end (or when you type them) they don't necessarily match what will be accepted.

As to type-ins, every astronaut can be found by typing in their full name, with or without initial, their well known nicknames or common shortenings (such as Jim or Tom) or (boring) just their last name. If Apollo XII CDR is highlighted, then "Pete Conrad" does indeed work, and so does Charles Conrad and just Conrad.

Level 22
Feb 8, 2015
Thanks! Much smoother this time around.
Level 22
Feb 8, 2015
By the way, for your next Apollo quiz. How about doing the backup crews or even the cap-coms? Ha!
Level 55
Feb 10, 2015
I made this quiz because I pride myself on being able to name all the crews for Mercury, Gemini and Apollo. But, the backup crews and capcoms? I'm a space nerd, I'm not crazy!
Level 47
Jun 21, 2017
Why isn't Apollo I on here?
Level 55
Jun 23, 2017
I guess I was only thinking of space missions.
Level 55
Oct 2, 2017
Level 55
Oct 2, 2017
I expanded this quiz to encompass the entire Apollo spaceship program, excepting the SkyLab missions.

BTW I defy anyone to come up with a spelling for the Apollo 9 LMP's last name that I haven't covered! :-)

Level 69
Sep 14, 2023
I tried all of these and none worked:








There are wildcards you can put in something like s*w*k*rt or something similar which would be helpful. Similar for Apollo 13 command module pilot

Level 55
Nov 27, 2023
I tried the first two on your list and they worked for me. The others didn't work because his name begins with a sh- or sch- sound, not an s, and I've never heard of a Schweikart sounding name that ended -ert. So you got me, there are or spellings - that don't sound like his name - that don't work. No idea why the first two on your list didn't work for you, because they do for me. I use Regular Expressions, so that I can be a little more specific than s*h*w*k*rt. I visited this page because I saw someone in some end credits whose name was literally the longest version: SCHWEICKHARDT, which I tested and it also works.
Level 69
Feb 6, 2024
Hi Larry, Thanks for responding and keeping up this excellent quiz. I just retried



And those did not work for the Apollo 13 CMP.

As to sw not working since his name doesn't begin with that sound, to me that's often slurred and it can be hard to know if it schw or sw