The Villains of Doctor Who

Name these enemies of The Doctor
Doctor Who
Quiz by Queenofthefandom
Last updated: November 1, 2016
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First submittedMarch 30, 2014
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"The last living human"
Lady Cassandra
The oldest enemy of The Doctor
The last opposing Time Lord
The Master
The creator of the Daleks
"Don't Blink"
The Weeping Angels
The Plasmavore hiding from the jadoon
Florence Finnegan
Also known as Living Plastic
A formless entity who took the form of snow in 1892
The Great Intelligence
A very aggressive clone-warrior race
They are big and red, they can shape-shift into anything
Criminals from the planet Raxacoricofallapatorius
"Delete Delete"
designed by a nine year old, this creature absorbed Ursula and other victums...
The "shadows that melt the flesh"
Vashta Nerada
A religous order that have been directing human evolution for centuries
The Silence
Level 55
Mar 31, 2014
Great quiz! My big suggestion would be to maintain continuity regarding whether you require the answer to be prefaced by the word "the." That or accept both.

I'm also gonna argue that the Ood were never villains, nor were the Silurians. The Ood in "The Impossible Planet" / "The Satan Pit" were dangerous, certainly, but were being controlled by the Beast (much more worthy of the title "villain") and the Ood in "Planet of the Ood" were also not in control of themselves, particularly evident in the behavior of the Ood who was found shot in the snow. Plus, the villains in that episode were the humans who were selling them as slaves, Halpen being the obvious baddie of the episode. As for the Silurians, the only true villain among the New Who Silurians was the warlike Restac, who was unwilling to negotiate and rejected peace between humans and Silurians. She called an army to war to wipe out the humans while others of her kind urged her to stop.

But again, loved the quiz.

Level 32
Apr 1, 2014
I'm glad you enjoyed the quiz! yea i agree withed you:) I changed it to different villains, thanks for the feedback!
Level 85
May 22, 2020
Why is there no answer for the last question?