Statistics for Napoleonic Battles - 1st part

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1805 - Battle of the Three Emperors - the most famous victory of Napoleon, the day of his coronation anniversaryBattle of Austerlitz
1805 - Nelson defeated Villeneuve in this famous naval battleBattle of Trafalgar
1800 - First a defeat for French army, become a victory - due to Desaix arrival - finishing the 2nd Campaign of ItalyBattle of Marengo
1806 - Napoleon defeated the other Prussian force commanded by the Prince of Hohenlohe (same day that the last battle) - with these two battles Prussian army is destroyed.Battle of Jena
1805 - Austrian army of General Mack surrendered to NapoleonBattle of Ulm
1807 - The last great battle of "War of the Fourth Coalition" - Russian forces were defeated and commanders asked for an armistice.Battle of Friedland
1798 - Climax of naval campaign that had ranged across the Mediterranean - first great French naval defeat during this period.Battle of the Nile / Battle of Aboukir Bay
1807 - "What a massacre! And without result." - First great battle between Russian and French forces during Campaign of Poland (150,000 soldiers !).Battle of Eylau
1798 - "Forward! Remember that from those monuments yonder forty centuries look down upon you." - Campaign of Egypt and SyriaBattle of the Pyramids
1806 - Davout defeated the main Prussian force - thrice more important than French army - commanded by Frederick-William III and Duke of BrunswickBattle of Auerstaedt
1796 - Bonaparte conquered LombardyBattle of Lodi
1796 - Battle where Bonaparte would lead his troops to storm the bridgeBattle of Arcole
1797 - Massena won this battle allowing to finish the Siege of MantuaBattle of Rivoli
1796 - Augereau won this battle against Austrian Army near Lake GardaBattle of Castiglione
1799 - Great battle in Egypt between French forces and Ottoman armiesBattle of Abukir
1805 - Ney defeated Austrian forcesBattle of Elchingen
1796 - First victory of Bonaparte in Campaign of ItalyBattle of Montenotte
1799 - 4,000 French soldiers - under orders of General Kleber - defeated 35,000 Ottoman warriors near Jordan RiverBattle of Mount Tabor
1800 - Lannes won this battle against OttBattle of Montebello

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