Assassins Creed Trivia

assassins charcters and triva in all of the games
Quiz by xbradz11
Last updated: March 6, 2014
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Playable Character known as Subject 17
Desmond Miles
First assassin introduced to the series
Who is the above's mentor
Al Mualim
Who is the templar leader in AC1
Lord Basilisk
Who is the second assassin you play as
Ezio Auditore
Who is the main antagonist in AC2
Rodrigo Borgia
Who was the three family members who died in AC2
Giovanni Petruccio Federico
Name Ezio's sister's cheating boyfriend
Duccio De Luca
Who did Ezio have sex with In AC2
Cristina Vespucci
Who invented the Flying Machine In AC2
Leonardo Da Vinci
Who is accused of Treachery in the beginning of Brotherhood
Niccolo Machiavelli
Which Family member got promoted to assassin in Brotherhood
Claudia Auditore
What is the Assassins motto?
nothing is true everything is permitted
Which family member is killed in the beginning of Brotherhood
Mario Auditore
Which character in brotherhood is fighting the french and hates them
What is Bartolomeo's sword called
Who is the main antagonist in Brotherhood
cesare borgia
What is the new blade he recieves in AC Revelations
hook blade
who is ezio greeted by on the boat in AC Revelations
prince suleiman
who is the first assassin he meets in Constaninople
yusuf tazim
who is the main antagonist in AC Revelations
Who owns the book store in constaninople who he later loves
Sofia sator
What are the main items he is collecting in Istanbul
Masyaf keys
Who is the main Assassin you play as in AC3
What is the above's birth name
ratonhnhaké ton
who is connors birth father
Haytham Kenway
who is Connor's Mentor
Who is Haytham's right hand man
Charles Lee
What is the war that was taking place in the game AC3
War of independence
What is the name of Edward Kenway's ship in Black flag
Who is Edward Kenway's first mate in Black Flag
Which character is disguised as a man in Black Flag
Mary Read
what enables the assasins to locate targets
eagle vision
What iconic pirate died in black flag
what character turns mad and you have to kill in black flag
Charles vane
Level 26
Mar 20, 2017
Really? "American Revolution" isn't accepted?
Level 86
Apr 11, 2020
We here in America don't call it the War of Independence. We call it the Revolutionary War or the American Revolution.
Level 86
Apr 11, 2020
Also, the Templar Leader in 1 was NOT Lord Basilisk. It was Robert de Sable.

Should also have some flexibility on what Ezio was looking for. Memory seals, memory disks, Altair's keys, Altair keys, etc.

As well the spelling of Ratonhaketon. Way too strict.

Level 40
Aug 6, 2021
I feel like the Connor's birthname question was a troll.