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33,2852020-12-05 Countries that Eat the Most Meat
24,3332017-09-19 Movies Based on a True Story #1
18,1532016-08-15Counties of Ohio
17,5122023-01-09 Top NFL Quarterback Receiver Combos
8,2672022-10-06 Last 40 Home Run Hitter by MLB Team
4,0562014-05-20Top 100 Grossing Restaurant Chains
3,6742015-08-09Most Valuable Non-QB for Each NFL Team (2015)
2,9532016-02-2480's Music A to Z
2,6322016-04-25Basketball Slang Terms
2,4622015-07-31Most Common Last Names in MLB baseball History
2,2942014-05-06Women in the Bible
1,0912015-02-26MLB Career Hits Leaders by Team
1,0772014-06-21"Fire" idioms and catch phrases
8452014-09-30Rhymes with "rhyme"
8322014-05-2225 most visited tourist sites in the USA
8002016-04-13Most Recent 20-Game Winners for Each MLB Team
7042014-07-17Idiom chain
5912016-04-18Poorly Explained Movie Plots (Titles)
4792014-05-14Ohio’s 15-largest Ohio-based restaurant chains, based on U.S. sales
4522015-07-29MLB Franchise Fours
4492014-06-27Funniest Movies of All Time (by memorable quotes)
4302015-10-21Cincinnati Bengals Quarterbacks
4062014-06-26Food Items Named for US Geographical Places
3622014-05-12Words beginning with "post"
3552014-05-06Cincinnati Reds in the National Baseball Hall of Fame
3432014-05-12Top Grossing G-rated Movies of All Time
3192014-05-05Ohio State Football Heisman Trophy Winners
2682016-01-09Ohio Groups of Things
2672016-03-31Top 20 Wealthiest Musicians of All Time
2592015-06-17Baseball Slang Terms
2482014-03-12Cincinnati Reds 1975 World Champions Roster
1812015-07-30MLB baseball players whose last names are common first names
1632014-05-20Top 10 US Snack Brands
1342015-11-22Cincinnati Reds all-time saves leaders
1342016-09-22Football Slang Terms
1242014-05-03Billboard #1 songs from 1987
1162015-08-04Answers Contain Smoke
1072016-03-25TV Shows with Numbers in the Title
1022016-04-26Match the characters played to the movie actor
892015-08-04Answers Contain Fast
852015-09-29English words that are not pronounced the way they are spelled
782015-08-13Party Time (answers contain "party")
742015-07-29Words ending with "que"
702015-08-04Answers Contain Fly
632015-08-04Answers Contain Peace
622015-08-09"Men" Movies
552016-06-05Three Actors and a Movie