Woodwind Instruments

How many woodwind instruments used in Western music can you name in 10 minutes?
Quiz by DrivingPark
Last updated: March 17, 2014
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First submittedMarch 17, 2014
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This quiz draws from Western woodwind instruments that are (mostly) currently attainable. If you can 100% this quiz without going to Wikipedia, you deserve an award or something.
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Piccolo in C
Treble Flute in G
Soprano Flute in E flat
Flute in C
Flute d'Amore in B flat
Alto Flute in G
Bass Flute in C
Contra-Alto Flute in G
Contrabass Flute in C
Subcontrabass Flute in G
Double Contrabass Flute in C
Hyperbass Flute in C
Piccolo Oboe in E flat
Oboe in C
Oboe d'Amore in A
English Horn in F
Oboe da caccia in F
Bass Oboe in C
Contrabass Oboe in C
Piccolo Heckelphone in F or E flat
Heckelphone in C
Lupophon in C
Octave Bassoon in C
Quint Bassoon in G
Quart Bassoon in F
Bassoon in C
Contrabassoon in C
Contraforte in C
Reed Contrabass in C
Sopranino Sarrusophone in E flat
Soprano Sarrusophone in B flat
Alto Sarrusophone in E flat
Tenor Sarrusophone in B flat
Baritone Sarrusophone in E flat
Bass Sarrusophone in B flat
Contrabass Sarrusophone in E flat, C or B flat
Piccolo Clarinet in A flat
Sopranino Clarinet in E flat or D
Soprano Clarinet in C, Bb, A, or G
Bassett Clarinet in C, Bb, A, or G
Bassett Horn in F or G
Alto Clarinet in E flat or F
Bass Clarinet in Bb, C or A
Contra-Alto Clarinet in EE flat
Contrabass Clarinet in BB flat
Octocontra-Alto Clarinet in EEE flat
Octocontrabass Clarinet in BBB flat
Sopranissimo Saxophone in B flat
Sopranino Saxophone in E flat
Soprano Saxophone in B flat or C
Mezzo-Soprano Saxophone in F or G
Alto Saxophone in E flat
Melody Saxophone in C
Tenor Saxophone in B flat
Baritone Saxophone in E flat
Bass Saxophone in B flat
Contrabass Saxophone in EE flat
Subcontrabass Saxophone in BB flat
Contrabass Tubax in EE flat
Subcontrabass Tubax in BB flat or CC
Level 81
Feb 15, 2016
Agree that recorder is missing. I missed the sarrusophone family completely. But Subcontrabass Tubax in BB flat or CC, are you kidding me? Is that something only Elephants can hear?
Level 26
Apr 4, 2018
Wow, i completely forgot Lupophon existed.
Level 72
Mar 5, 2022
Bagpipes? The whole recorder family? Pennywhistle?

And if we want to get real crazy, how about the krumhorn family, at least as obtainable as the lupophones or heckelphones.

And throw in the vuvuzela, just for kicks and giggles.

Level 22
Dec 23, 2022
Heh, 8.5 years later and I'm just now coming back to this. I would add a lot more that I missed if I made a new one!
Level 51
May 2, 2023
accordions are woodwind