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" Her situation in life, the character of her father and mother, her own person and disposition, were all equally against her."Catherine Morland
"[H]e indulged himself a little too much with the foibles of others."Henry Tilney
"I know no one more entitled, by unpretending merit, or better prepared by habitual suffering, to receive and enjoy felicity."Eleanor Tilney
"She is a vain coquette, and her tricks have not answered."Isabella Thorpe
"Dress was her passion."Mrs. Allen
“Well, then, I must say that I do not like him at all. Though it has turned out so well for us, I do not like him at all."Captain Frederick Tilney
“He is a fine old fellow, upon my soul! Stout, active—looks as young as his son."General Tilney
"A very fine fellow; as rich as a Jew."Mr. Allen
"“He is as good-natured a fellow as ever lived; a little of a rattle; but that will recommend him to your sex, I believe[.]"John Thorpe
"Her own family were plain, matter-of-fact people who seldom aimed at wit of any kind; her father, at the utmost, being contented with a pun, and her mother with a proverb"Mr. Morland
Mrs. Morland

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