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Test your knowledge on all these general knowledge styled questions that centre around the main subject of Lego!
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Last updated: June 30, 2021
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In what city in Denmark was the Lego company founded?
To describe pieces introduced in the early 1990s, what the does acronym BURP stand for?
Big Ugly Rock Piece
What word, synonymous with a bodily secretion, describes the process of building//adding pieces in a direction other than directly on top? (this is an acronym)
What does the acronym in the above question stand for?
Studs Not On Top
Which highly popular theme only technically lasted for 8 years, beginning in 1989 until it was discontinued in 1997? (note - there have been other sets released using this imagery since then, but under different themes)
What is the common language that people use to describe the figurines included in Lego sets?
In the Elves and Friends themes mainly targeted towards girls, what is the commonly used nomenclature of the slightly larger figures that are included in these sets?
In 2018, Lego included small white pieces in each of its sets of which theme to mark its 40th anniversary?
What theme usually includes instructions for three different builds using the same pieces in it (but only using all the pieces for the 'main' build), quite often not featuring figurines in them?
Before 2019, what words would Lego put on their sets to indicate that a set was targeted towards adults? (this is a subtheme of the above)
Creator Expert
Replicas of classic cars are recreated on a scale of (usually) in 6-stud wide or 8-stud wide sets under which theme?
Speed Champions
What theme is credited as reviving Lego's reputation and potential bankruptcy in the late 90s?
In 1995, seen for the first time in the Castle theme for use of swords and crowns of the sets now called King Leo's Castles, featured pieces with what unusual feature?
Chrome-plated pieces
Fans who contribute positively to the Lego community online might be invited to join LAN. What does LAN stand for?
Lego Ambassador's Network
Exploriens, Spyrius and Ice Planet are subthemes to what now defunct fan-favourite theme?
In what year was Lego first officially founded?
Until the original Lego factory burnt down in the 1950s, what did Lego make their products from?
Beginning in 1999, what is now one of the highest selling themes in Lego, the first theme to be based around a movie series?
Star Wars
Lego releases a range of about 20 standalone figurines each year (sometimes twice a year), in a type of packaging referred to as what?
A different type of figurine that featured anthropomorphic animals was featured in what theme running from 1979 to 1989?
What more recent theme from the 2010s had specific molds created to make anthropomorphic characters based on the design of a traditional Lego figurine?
Legends of Chima
The Lego Group (TLG)'s policy of not creating any sets based on modern militaristic warfare, led to the last minute cancellation of what Technic set in 2020, modelled on a real aircraft?
Bell-Boeing Osprey V22
Level 67
Jul 7, 2021
You know it's going poorly when you don't even understand the words in the questions. Very educational though. I had no idea Lego was so involved.
Level 66
Jun 30, 2022
I think collectible minifgs would be better than polybag.