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The main protagonist of the Mistborn Trilogy. She was recruited to help overthrow the Lord Ruler by KelsierVin
Famously known as the Survivor of Hathsin, was a powerful Mistborn and one of the main characters in Mistborn: The Final EmpireKelsier
Another member of Kelsier's Crew. His allomantic power is soothing. He is very egotistical, and likes wine almost as much as he likes himselfBreeze
A Terrisman, Steward to Lord Renoux and a Keeper of Terris. Is a user of Feruchemy, scholar of religions, and rebel amongst his orderSazed
A Tineye, and Clubs' nephew. He has an incredible respect, even worship, for Kelsier. He always speaks using eastern street slang, causing many unusual situations throughout the seriesSpook
A member of Kelsier's crew, and is a Pewterarm or Thug. Enjoys philosophical debates, especially when the receiver of his wisdom is BreezeHam
Kelsier's brother. He is a Seeker. As part of a plot to dethrone the Lord Ruler, he became a spy and acted as an Inquisitor, providing valuable information to Kelsier's crewMarsh
A Smoker, carpenter, and owns a business where he and his employees use their copper clouds to protect skaa from the Lord RulerClubs
Vin's lover and husband. He is a nobleman and heir to the prestigious House Venture. He meets Vin at a ball while she is in the guise of Vallete Renoux. He becomes King at the end of the first book and eventually a full MistbornElend Venture
Kelsier's best friend and crewmate. Worked with Kelsier to topple the Lord Ruler. A non-Allomancer, was chosen by Kelsier to be the Governor of Luthadel after his deathDockson
A former Terris packman. He killed Alendi and took the power at the Well of Ascension. He ruled the Final Empire, achieving immortalityThe Lord Ruler
A descendant of Breeze, he is the protagonist of The Alloy of Law. Lived in the Roughs and moved to Elendel where he became a constable. A twinborn called a Crasher (the mix of a Coinshot and a Skimmer)Waxillium Ladrian
A friend and colleague of Waxillium Ladrian. He lived in the Roughs and worked with Wax to keep law and order. He traveled to Elendel to help investigate the Vanishers and attempted to convince Wax to return to the Roughs as a lawman. Is a Twinborn on Scadrial. He is both a Slider and a BloodmakerWayne
A Tineye and Elend's father and the most powerful Noble in the Final Empire before the fall of the Lord RulerStaff Venture
King from Fadrex City that marched an army to Luthadel and then was an ally and general in Elend's armyLord Ashweather Cett

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