Statistics for Movies Made From SNL Skits

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1998 - Dan Aykroyd and John Goodman - Elwood must reunite the old band, with a few new members, and go on another "Mission from God."Blues Brothers
1992 - Mike Myers and Dana Carvey - Two slacker friends try to promote their public-access cable show.Wayne's World
1993 - Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtin - Aliens with conical crania come to Earth to observe human life.Coneheads
1994 - Julia Sweeney and Dave Foley - The comedic misadventures of a person of indeterminable gender.It's Pat!
1999 - Will Farrell and Molly Shannon - A nerdy Catholic schoolgirl, Mary Katherine Gallagher, dreams of superstardom.Superstar
1999 - Ron Livingston and Jennifer Aniston - Three company workers who hate their jobs and decide to rebel against their greedy boss.Office Space
1999 - Will Farrell and Chris Kattan - Two dim-witted brothers dream of owning their own dance club or at least getting into the coolest and most exclusive club in town, The Roxbury.A Night at the Roxbury
2000 - Tim Meadows and Karyn Parsons - The Saturday Night Live character gets a big screen treatment.The Ladies Man
1992 - Billy Crystal and David Paymer - The life of Buddy Young, a comic legend in flashbacks but an old man looking for work in the present.Mr. Saturday Night
1995 - Al Franken and Laura San Giacomo - A self-help advocate struggles to put his dysfunctional family in its place.Stuart Saves His Family
1992 - Tim Robbins and Giancarlo Esposito - A right-wing folk singer becomes a corrupt politician and runs a crooked election campaign. Only one independent muck-raking reporter is trying to stop him.Bob Roberts
1986 - Peter Scolari and Valerie Mahaffey- An attempt to bring the famed "Mr. Bill" clay characters to "life" in a sitcom format, this Showtime special featured Mr. Bill, his wife and son, as well as his next-door neighbor, Sluggo, his wife and daughterMr. Bill's Real Life

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