Statistics for Archers in Pop Culture

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12A Girl on Fire who brings hope and pride to District 12 in the Hunger Games.Katniss Everdeen
10A Marvel Comics character associated with the Avengers. Jeremy Renner took on the role in the movies.Hawkeye
6A proud elf of Mirkwood who eagerly joins the Fellowship of the Ring.Legolas Greenleaf
7While he is usually seen with the Master Sword on his many quests to defend Hyrule, this Nintendo character is also well known for his use of a bow.Link
2A DC Comics character famously portrayed by Stephen Amell. He has an affinity for one colour in particular.The Green Arrow
3A character of British historical myth who has been portrayed by Errol Flynn, Kevin Costner, Russell Crowe, and Cary Elwes in the many movies made about him.Robin Hood
1Star of a Disney movie about a couragous, red haired Scottish girl.Merida
4Popular 80's Action movie character. A Green Beret who served in Vietnam, he preferred large guns, but was also quite proficient with a bow.John Rambo
15Greek mythological character who lands the fatal shot to Achilles heel in the Battle of Troy. In the movie of that name, he's played by the same actor as #6.Paris
8#2 on this list has given this name to two different sidekicks of his in DC Comics. They're also both Teen Titans alumni.Speedy
14The female successor of #10 who is usually seen with the Young Avengers.Kate Bishop
13Perhaps more well known for his inclusion in the Super Smash Bros. series, this Nintendo angel character got his start on the NES in his very own game.Kid Icarus/Pit
9Jon Snow might know nothing, but he does know that this ginger-haired wildling woman might be the most skilled archer in all of Westeros.Ygritte
11A bowman of Lake Town who plays a pivotal role in the events of The Hobbit.Bard the Bowman
16The stealthy, ninja-esque character from Overwatch. Using him as your main character might get you a bit of flack from teammates.Hanzo Shimada
5This video game character roams the post-apocalyptic lands of Horizon Zero Dawn hunting robotic creatures. #9 on this list heavily influenced her creation.Aloy
17This indigenous archer started off in comic books, but sprang into pop culture with a trilogy of Nintendo 64 games featuring him and his descendants fighting dinosaurs.Turok

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