Game of Thrones: Guess the Character #1

In celebration of the upcoming Game of Thrones seventh season, here's a quiz featuring several of its characters. How many can you figure out? Quizzes will contain spoilers up to Season 7!! BE FOREWARNED ALL YE WHO ENTER HERE.
Alternate spellings may exist for some character names.
Characters with noble titles can be guessed with or without the title.
Quiz by ElCanuck
Last updated: July 12, 2017
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The youngest brother of the Baratheons who hold the throne at the outset of Season 1.
He makes himself King upon the death of his oldest brother and is killed by the middle brother, all within the span of Season 2.
Quote: "Born amid salt and smoke...Is he ham?"
King Renly Baratheon
A prostitute of Winterfell who goes south to King's Landing, where she tries to climb the ladder of power by working for and getting close to a man who is both a brothel owner and the Master of Coin.
Her employer sends her to her death at the hands of the king when he discovers her plotting with the Master of Whispers
She is literate, an apparently rare skill amongst her trade and one that she hides from her employer.
A fearsome woman warrior who earns her way into the Kingsguard of the first entry on the list. After his death, she pledges to the Lady of Winterfell.
After the Lady's death, the Kingslayer sends her to find the Lady's daughters and she pledges to the eldest of them.
One of the few holders of a Valyrian steel sword. Given to her by the Kingslayer and named Oathkeeper
Lady Brienne of Tarth
Originally from the Iron Islands, he is taken as a ward of Winterfell after his father rebelled against the Crown and caused a war.
During the War of the Five Kings he fights with and betrays the King in the North, is tortured by the Bastard of Bolton and later escapes captivity. Now serves his sister's cause.
While they were both in Winterfell, he was known to enjoy the intimate company of #2 on this list.
Theon Greyjoy
A Prince of Dorne who is known for being a globe-trotting, promiscous warrior.
His life's work is avenging the death of his slain sister and her children. A goal he comes close to achieving until his untimely death at the hands of the very man who murdered her.
Is openly pansexual and likes to engage in orgys alongside his paramour.
Prince Oberyn Martell
A Lady of Highgarden known as the Queen of Thorns.
Despite her son being the Lord of Highharden, she is seen as the brains and the authority of the house.
In the books she is commonly known by her maiden name Redwyne, who are the controlling house of the Arbor Island, famous for its wine.
Lady Olenna Tyrell
A cousin of the primary branch of House Lannister, squired for the first Baratheon king and was knighted by the queen after that king died.
Left his family name and all lands and titles for the revived Faith Militant led by the High Sparrow. Died when his cousin blew up the Sept of Baelor.
Is said to bear a striking resemblance to his cousin, the Kingslayer... The Queen defitely saw the resemblance.
Ser Lancel Lannister
The youngest, tomboyish daughter of the Lord of Winterfell.
She trains in the Braavosi fencing style called Water Dancing. Laters travels to Braavos to train as a faceless assassin.
A girl has no name. A girl is no one.
Arya Stark
An exiled northerner originally from Bear Island who lives in Essos and while there befriends the Mother of Dragons.
Is infatuated with and is constantly rebuffed by the MoD. Despite this, he would lay down his life for her.
He once wielded a Valyrian steel sword until he was exiled. His father, the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, gave it to his squire, the Bastard of Winterfell, for saving his life.
Ser Jorah Mormont
A Wildling who loosely follows the King Beyond the Wall. Said to be "Kissed by fire" for her lucky red hair. She is a fighter known for her skill with the bow and arrow.
A certain member of the Night's Watch spares her life and in turn she helps integrate him with the Freefolk. They become romantically linked and she later died in his arms during a battle at the Wall.
This character desires to see a castle and is quite curious about them. The actor who plays her is the only member of the cast to have been raised in a castle.
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