Suikoden (Video Game series) Multiple Choice Quiz III

The third installment of the multiple choice series based on Konami's JRPG series, Suikoden! Let's see what you know.
If the question is specific to a certain game, the title will appear at the start of the question.
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Quiz by ElCanuck
Last updated: April 18, 2019
First submittedApril 18, 2019
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1. Suiko III: Which Dragon Ball (anime series) character shares a name with the little old man who tells fortunes in Budehuc Castle?
2. Suiko ALL: Which of these countries DOES NOT share a border with Dunan?
Holy Kingdom of Harmonia
Kanakan is an island nation just off the southeast coast of Toran.
3. Suiko II: Which character gives his life to save Pilika from Luca Blight during the attack on the Mercenary Fortress?
4. Suiko III: What explanation was given for the absence of the original Flame Champion when his old hideaway was found?
He had removed his True Fire Rune voluntarily and died of natural causes long ago.
His rune was forcibly taken by Luc, who then destroyed the Flame Champion.
He had already abandoned his hideaway and sailed off to somewhere in the Island Nations.
He's alive, but Harmonian forces had gotten to him first and taken him captive.
5. Suiko IV/V: Which Suiko IV character is the Island Nations flagship named for when encountered in Suiko V?
6. Suiko ALL: In her three playable appearances, which weapon has Lorelai NOT used in battle?
She used a whip in Suiko V, had traded it for a bow by Suiko I, and used a halberd in Suiko II that was given to her by a Suiko I character.
7. Suiko ALL: Which two mages are said to have waged a battle so intense that it reduced Karakas to a desert wasteland?
Crowley and Mazus
Eresh and Levi
Luc and Sassarai
Leknaat and Windy
8. Suiko II: What rune is said to allow vampires to exist?
Blue Moon Rune
Night Rune
Punishment Rune
Twilight Rune
Though Neclord and Sierra have both held the Blue Moon Rune and it is tied to their history, it is the Night Rune that permits the existence of vampires (and other 'creatures of the night')
9. Suiko V: Which Queen's Knight is a former resident of Sauronix and a childhood friend of Craig, Rahal and Roog?
10. Suiko I: What did Milich Oppenheimer rename the town of Antei to?
Bier Blanche
Blumier L'Amour
Lac Virginite
Ville de Rose
11. Suiko IV: Who is the dutiful servant of Schtolteheim Reinbach III?
12. Suiko II: What is the last spell Riou learns with the Shield Rune?
Battle Oath
Forgiver Sign
Great Blessing
Shining Light
The spell only becomes available after recruiting all 108 Stars of Destiny.
13. Suiko III: To which knight company does Mua belong to?
Free Knights of Camaro.
Knightdom of Matilda.
Maximillian Knights.
Zexen Knights.
14. Suiko ALL: What do Kasumi, Mizuki and Sagiri have in common?
They share the Chikyou Star of Destiny.
They all fight with claw weapons.
They bear the Ninja-class Shrike Rune.
All of the above.
Kasumi occupies the Chikyu star in both of her appearances and Sagiri fights with a Kunai.
15. Suiko I: What happened to Kalekka for it be in ruins at the outset of the game?
Kwanda Rosman turned the burning mirror on it.
Genkaku invaded and razed it on behalf of Jowston.
Leon Silverberg destroyed it and claimed Jowston did it to justify war.
Windy had Yuber destroy it during her search for the Soul Eater Rune.
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