The Game of Thrones Multiple Choice Quiz #3 (Level: Hard)

The third entry in El Canuck's Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire multiple choice series. This one is for the hardcore fans.
All of the questions are applicable to EITHER the show or the books, including the Dunk & Egg Novellas. Some may be applicable to both. Main books only questions will start with ASoIaF, show only will start with GoT, Dunk and Egg will start with D&E, applicable to both ASoIaF and GoT will start with BOTH.
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SPOILERS: May contain spoilers through Season 7 of the Show and A Dance With Dragons of the book series.
Quiz by ElCanuck
Last updated: January 14, 2019
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1. ASoIaF: Catelyn Stark said: "Courage he had, and strength, but there was no kindness in him, and little loyalty." Who is she referring to?
Ser Jaime Lannister
Ser Gregor Clegane
Lord Stannis Baratheon
Ser Bronn of the Blackwater
2. D&E: In The Sworn Sword, what colour does the hedge knight Ser Bennis associate himself with?
3. ASoIaF: Petyr Baelish claims that his great-grandfather was a mercenary from Essos. Which city does Petyr say his relative originated from?
4. ASoIaF: If I were to tell you that we were approaching a castle bearing a banner of a silver eagle on a purple field, which house would that castle belong to?
House Royce
House Caswell
House Mallister
House Massey
5. GoT: Which of these musicians HAS NOT had a cameo in the show?
Will Champion of Coldplay
Brent Hinds of Mastodon
Jonsi Birgisson of Sigur Ros
Matthew Tuck of Bullet for My Valentine
6. ASoIaF: Which of these facts about the War of the Ninepenny Kings is TRUE?
Brynden 'The Blackfish' Tully slew the last Blackfyre male in single combat.
Tywin Lannister gave the future King Aerys Targaryen his spurs for gallantry in battle.
There were no Westerosi knights fighting for the Blackfyre's.
Ormund Baratheon was given command after Gerold Hightower was killed in battle.
7. ASoIaF: Which is these IS NOT a bastard of King Robert Baratheon?
Edric Storm
Mya Stone
Joy Hill
Barra Waters
8. ASoIaF: Genna Lannister says about her brothers: "That shadow _____ cast was long and black, and each of them had to struggle to find a little sun. _____ tried to be his own man, but he could never match [The first name], and that just made him angrier as the years went by. _____ made japes. Better to mock the game than to play and lose. But _____ saw how things stood early on, so he made himself a place by [First name's] side." Pick the correct order in which the brothers are mentioned.
Tywin, Tygett, Gerion, Kevan.
Tygett, Gerion, Kevan, Tywin.
Tygett, Kevan, Gerion, Tywin.
Tywin, Gerion, Tygett, Kevan.
9. ASoIaF: What do the houses Strong, Lothston and Whent all have in common?
They all own Valyrian swords.
Lords of their houses all served as Hand of the King to various Targaryen regents.
Their sigils all bear the colours red, blue and green.
They all lorded over Harrenhal.
10. ASoIaF: Which of these characters DID NOT die at the Red Wedding?
Owen Norrey
Marq Piper
Donnel Locke
Lucas Blackwood
11. GoT: Which of these characters appeared in the most episodes?
King Balon Greyjoy
Viserys Targaryen
Benjen Stark
Mance Rayder
12. D&E: At Ashford meadows, Duncan the Tall enlisted a woman named Tanselle to paint a sigil on his shield. Aside from painting, what was her primary occupation?
Fortune Teller
13. ASoIaF: The northern tower of Queenscrown and the Night's Watch fortress of Queensgate are both named for which historical Targaryen queen?
Alysanne, Queen to Jaehaerys I
Daena, Queen to Baelor I
Shaera, Queen to Jaehaerys II
Visenya, Queen to Aegon I
14. ASoIaF: Edmure Tully's wife Roslin is the daughter of which wife of Lord Walder?
Amarei Crakehall
Cyrenna Swann
Alyssa Blackwood
Bethany Rosby
15. GoT: At the Battle of Castle Black between the Night's Watch and the Wildlings, who kills Jon's friend and Night's Watch brother Pypar? (a.k.a Pyp)
Tormund Gianstbane
Styr, the Magnar of Thenn
Mag the Mighty
Level 36
May 14, 2019
Really tough but fun! Couldn't finish the whole thing, dwelt on some questions too long. Maybe add a minute.

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