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6662022-01-18Horror Words - Vocabulary Quiz
4452021-05-19Fighting Words
4352019-12-23Barcelona Quiz
4122019-12-23Elliott Smith Quiz
3042022-07-13English First Division League Winners 1982-2022
2672020-11-21Norse Mythology Quiz
2032017-09-09Periods in English History
1802019-09-21Hamlet - Exposition Quiz
1352019-10-11Hamlet Quiz 2.2 - L.170 - 594
1332019-10-25Hamlet Quiz - Act 3
1232014-04-27Places with highest tourist revenue
1152019-11-22Hamlet Quiz - Act 5, Scene 1
1082021-12-21Hamlet Quiz 2.1 - 2.2 L.1-205
1052020-07-01History of the Entire World, I Guess
1032019-12-13Victorian Celebrities by Image
1022021-07-12History Timeline Megaquiz
982019-09-27Hamlet Quiz 1.2 - End of Act One
962019-04-26History of the Soviet Union: An Event a Year 1917 - 1953
952022-06-11Map Quiz: A Fact about every European Country
912019-11-15Hamlet Quiz - End of Act 4
912020-02-04Tutor Vocabulary Quiz - Meanings of Suffixes
912020-11-13Hamlet Quiz 4.1 - 4.6
852021-05-05Roaring Twenties Celebrities by Image
832020-01-17A Streetcar Named Desire Quiz - Scenes 1 and 2
812021-11-23Things Fall Apart - Quotation Quiz
772020-01-23Tutor Vocabulary Quiz - Meanings of Roots
762019-11-28Tutor Vocabulary Challenge - 28/11/2019
722022-06-13Map Quiz: A Fact about Every US State
692020-01-16Vocabulary Quiz - 16th January 2020
642020-01-30Tutor Vocabulary Quiz - Roots in Action
632019-12-12Vocabulary Quiz - 12th December 2019
612020-03-12Tutor Vocabulary Quiz - Good and Bad
612019-12-04Tutor Vocab Quiz - 5/12/2019
592019-12-22Elizabethan Celebrities by Image
582020-02-12Tutor Vocabulary Quiz - Suffixes in Action
572021-11-06Identify the Century
572021-01-30Things Fall Apart Quiz. Part 1.
512019-12-17Ancient Greek Celebrities by Image
512020-01-08Vocabulary Tutor Challenge - Picture Edition
472021-03-04Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? - Chapters One to Eight
462020-02-09A Streetcar Named Desire Quiz - Scene Three to Ten
462022-06-0320th Century: An Event a Year Part 1
442020-03-04Tutor Vocabulary Quiz - World Book Day Special
422022-06-03IB Language and Literature Knowledge Megaquiz
402022-06-0320th Century: An Event a Year Part 2
342022-06-13British Prime Ministers with Clues
342020-12-11Hamlet Quiz - 5.2
312020-11-21History of the Soviet Union: An Event a Year 1954 - 1991
292020-03-01A Streetcar Named Desire by Assessment Objective Quiz
292019-12-22Fin de Siecle Celebrities by Image
292020-04-15Tutor Vocabulary Quiz - Joy Words
262022-06-1730 Historical Objects Picture Quiz
262020-02-01Regency Celebrities by Image
212022-07-05Map Quiz: European Writers
192020-04-22Tutor Vocabulary Quiz - Words for Memories
192017-08-30Literary Terms - C
182022-02-05Influential People: were both alive at any point in their lives?
172019-02-17Literary Allusions in Paradise Lost Book IX
162020-03-19Tutor Vocabulary Quiz - Old and New
152017-08-31Literary Terms - G
142022-02-06Influential people: were both alive at any point in their lives? #2
132017-08-30Literary Terms - A
132022-07-03Mindfulness - Quotation Quiz
122017-08-30Literary Terms - F
122020-12-23Shakespearean Words: D
122020-05-23Tutor Vocabulary Quiz - Lucky
112017-08-30Literary Terms - B
112017-09-11Grammatical Moods
112019-12-23Scansion Quiz
102020-12-22Shakespearean Words: C
102017-08-30Literary Terms - X, Y, Z
102020-12-02Humorous Quotations about Writing - Who said it?
92020-12-22Shakespearean Words: A
92022-07-05Map Quiz: South American Writers
92022-07-05Literary History - Birth and Death Year
92022-07-05Map Quiz: US Writers
92017-09-01Literary Terms - E
92017-10-14Milton's Favourite Poetic Devices
82017-09-02Literary Terms - I
72017-08-30Literary Terms - D
72017-08-31Literary Terms - J
72017-08-31Literary Terms - H
72020-12-22Shakespearean Words: B
62017-09-01Literary Terms - N
62022-02-05Name the Century - Early or Late?
62017-09-02Literary Terms - V, W
52022-06-23Happiness - Quotation Quiz
52022-06-23Education - Quotation Quiz
52020-12-23Shakespearean Words: F
52017-08-31Literary Terms - K
52021-02-02Underworld: Historical and Cultural References
52017-08-31Literary Terms - L
52017-08-31Literary Terms - M
52017-09-02Literary Terms - S
52017-09-02Literary Terms - T
52017-09-02Literary Terms - R
52017-09-02Literary Terms - Q, U
52017-09-01Literary Terms - O
42017-09-02Literary Terms - P
42020-12-23Shakespearean Words: E
32022-06-26Seneca Quotations - Fill in the Blank
32018-09-29Recite: Sonnet 18