A Streetcar Named Desire Quiz - Scene Three to Ten

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Last updated: February 9, 2020
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1. SCENE 3: What are the men doing at the start of the scene?
Playing poker
Playing badminton
2. Where does the game take place?
At the kitchen table
In the bedroom
3. Mitch is worried about what?
The presence of women
Leaving his sick mother at home
4. What is Blanche doing in anticipation of male company?
Powdering her face
5. Where does Stanley tell Blanche and Stella to go?
To a movie
Up to Eunice's
6. Blanche feels that Mitch is...
Superior to the rest
7. What does Mitch have on his cigarette case?
A freemasonry insignia
A Elizabeth Barrett Browning poem
8. Blanche asks Mitch to do what?
Put a paper lantern over the naked lightbulb
Tell her she is pretty
9. What does Stanley do to the household radio?
Throws it out of the window
Dances to it
10. After Stanley strikes his wife, what do the men do to sober him up?
Throw him in the warm bath
Throw him in a cold shower
11. Who does Stella stay with that night?
12. Williams describes them as embracing with...
Animal moans
Tortoise yawns
13. SCENE 4: Stella comments that her physical relationship with Stanley...
"makes it easy to forgive him."
"makes everything else seem - unimportant."
14. What does Stanley overhear Blanche calling him?
A common, apelike, primitive brute
Cold and boring
15. SCENE 5: Which dubious love interest is Blanche writing to in this scene?
Shep Huntleigh
16. Who does Stanley say has given him information on Blanche?
17. What seedy hotel has Blanche apparently been at recently?
The Tarantula
The Flamingo
18. Blanche has not yet slept with Mitch because she wants...
To meet his mother first
His respect first
19. SCENE SIX: What does Blanche do to rather than telling Mitch her age?
Tells a traumatic story
Tells him to not be rude
20. Why did her husband take his own life?
He was an alcoholic
She outed him as a homosexual
21. What polka was playing when her deceased husband took his own life?
Blue piano
22. SCENE SEVEN: Where is Blanche singing for a large portion of this scene?
In the kitchen
In the bath
23. Why is Blanche always bathing?
To 'cleanse' herself of her past life
New Orleans is oppressively hot
24. What is Stanley's birthday present to Blanche?
A one-way tram ticket home
A one-way bus ticket home
25. SCENE 8: Why is Blanche disappointed in this scene?
Stella is shabbily dressed for her birthday
Mitch stands her up
26. What is Stanley sick of being called?
A Pole
A Polack
27. Stanley shouts that he is 100%...
28. What non-diegetic sound punctuates this scene?
The music in Blanche's mind
Blanche's inner thoughts
29. SCENE NINE: Which character does Blanche accuse of making up stories about her for rejecting him?
30. Mitch claims he has never seen Blanche...
At dinnertime
In the light
31. Mitch is upset at Blanche because she has pretended to be...
32. What does a Mexican woman come around the corner trying to sell?
Flowers for the dead
33. What violent act does Mitch commit in this scene?
Forces himself onto her
Slaps Blanche
34. SCENE TEN: What does Blanche do after looking at herself in the hand mirror?
Draws a face in it
Smashes it
35. Stanley begins doing what in front of Blanche?
Undressing and clearing up the glass
Undressing and pouring beer foam on his head
36. Blanche claims that although she has little money she is still...
Intelligent, cultured and spirited
Young, free and single
37. What can't Blanche ever forgive?
A rude remark
Deliberate cruelty
38. As Stanley approaches her, who does Blanche try to call for help?
Shep Huntleigh
39. The sound of the blue piano turns into what?
Stanley's voice
The sound of a passing train
40. What does Stanley do to Blanche?
Sexually assaults her
Throws her out
41. OTHER: What was Streetcar's original title?
Blanche and Stanley
The Poker Night
42. Who said "Streetcar is a conflict between different species?"
Tennessee Williams
Eric Bentley
43. Who said "Blanche is Tennessee Williams"
Elis Kazan
Elia Kazan
44. Who said "Paper is the key force in Williams's use of foreshadowing"?
Ruby Kohn
Philip Kolin
45. Who said "Stanley has trained Stella to catch his meat in every way"?
Philip Kolin
Ruby Kohn
46. The view that the play is a battle between the psychic drives of Eros and Thanatos is what kind of reading?
47. The view that Stanley sees Blanche as a threat because of his wounded masculinity or 'negative anima' is what kind of reading?
48. What does Dubois mean?
Of the woods
Of the trees
Jenny from the block
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