Historical U.S. Governors

Given the state, political party, years of the term(s), and hints, name the U.S. governor
Quiz by dannynelson94
Last updated: November 14, 2023
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State, Political Party, Term Year(s), and Hints
New Jersey, Democrat, 1911-1913, "The Schoolmaster"
Woodrow Wilson
Wyoming, Democrat, 1925-1927, first female governor of any state
Nellie Tayloe Ross
Massachusetts, Independent, 1780-1785, 1787-1793, Famous signatory
John Hancock
Ohio, Republican, 1892-1896, Spanish-American War President
William McKinley
California, Republican, 1943-1953, Eisenhower-appointed Chief Justice
Earl Warren
Georgia, Democrat, 1971-1975, Peanut farmer
Jimmy Carter
New York, Democrat, 1829, Old Kinderhook
Martin Van Buren
Louisiana, Democrat, 1928-1932, "The Kingfish"
Huey Long
Massachusetts, Democratic-Republican, 1810-1812, Redistricting
Elbridge Gerry
Ohio, Republican, 1856-1860, Lincoln-appointed Chief Justice
Salmon Chase
North Carolina, Conservative/Democrat, 1862-1865, 1877-1879, influential leader in the New South
Zebulon Vance
New York, Democrat, 1929-1932, New Deal President
Franklin Roosevelt
Tennessee, Democrat, 1839-1841, Young Hickory
James Polk
West Virginia, Democrat, 1977-1985, Great-grandson of oil tycoon
Jay Rockefeller
Maryland, Republican, 1967-1969, 39th VP
Spiro Agnew
South Carolina, Republican, 2011-2017, Trump's first UN Ambassador
Nikki Haley
Florida, Republican, 1999-2007, part of a large multi-state political dynasty
Jeb Bush
Alabama, Democrat, 1963-1967, 1971-1979, 1983-1987, "segregation forever"
George Wallace
Tennessee, Democrat/Unionist, 1853-1857, 1862-1865, former tailor
Andrew Johnson
New Mexico, Democrat, 2003-2011, U.S. Ambassador to the UN and Energy Secretary in the Clinton administration
Bill Richardson
Nebraska, Democrat, 1923-1925, 1931-1935, younger brother to the Great Commoner
Charles W. Bryan
Minnesota, Reform/Independence, 1999-2003, former professional wrestler
Jesse Ventura
Michigan, Republican, 1963-1969, Nixon's Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
George Romney
Indiana, Democrat, 1909-1913, Wilson's VP
Thomas Marshall
Arkansas, Republican, 1996-2007, minister and Fox News host
Mike Huckabee
Wisconsin, Republican, 1901-1906, "Fighting Bob", Progressive candidate for president
Robert La Follette
California, Democrat, 1975-1983, 2011-2019, famous opponent of death penalty, proponent of environmental causes
Jerry Brown
Kansas, Republican, 1933-1937, lost in a landslide to FDR
Alf Landon
Delaware, Independent, 1778-1781, Signer of the Declaration of Independence
Caesar Rodney
New York, Republican, 1943-1954, Surprisingly lost to Truman
Thomas Dewey
Virginia, Democrat, 2006-2010, Hillary's VP Nominee
Tim Kaine
New York, Republican, 1959-1973, Ford's VP
Nelson Rockefeller
Tennessee, Democratic-Republican, 1827-1829, Texas, Independent, 1859-1861, First President of Texas
Sam Houston
Arkansas, Democrat, 1979-1981, 1983-1992, 42nd president
Bill Clinton
State, Political Party, Term Year(s), and Hints
Maine, Republican, 1867-1871, Gettysburg hero
Joshua Chamberlain
New York, Democratic-Republican, 1777-1795, 1801-1804, 4th VP
George Clinton
Massachusetts, Democrat, 1983-1991, Lost to H.W. Bush
Michael Dukakis
Illinois, Democrat, 2003-2009, impeached, removed, and imprisoned for corruption
Rod Blagojevich
Indiana, Republican, 2013-2017, Trump's VP
Mike Pence
Connecticut, Independent, 1769-1784, Only Patriot colonial governor
Jonathan Trumbull
New York, Federalist, 1795-1801, 1st Chief Justice
John Jay
Texas, Republican, 2000-2015, Trump's former Secretary of Energy
Rick Perry
Rhode Island, Republican, 1866-1869, Union General at Fredricksburg
Ambrose Burnside
New Hampshire, Republican, 1983-1989, H.W. Bush's Chief of Staff
John Sununu
Virginia, Anti-Federalist, 1776-1779, 1784-1786, the Constitution's biggest opponent
Patrick Henry
New Jersey, Democrat, 1878-1881, 2-time commander of the Army of the Potomac
George McClellan
Pennsylvania, Republican, 1923-1927, 1931-1935, First Chief of the U.S. Forest Service
Gifford Pinchot
California, Republican, 2003-2011, the Governator
Arnold Schwarzenegger
New York, Republican, 1899-1900, Bull Moose
Theodore Roosevelt
New Jersey, Republican, 2010-2018, Governor during Hurricane Sandy
Chris Christie
New York, Democrat, 1883-1885, served non-consecutive presidential terms
Grover Cleveland
Maine, Democrat, 1955-1959, Hubert Humphrey's VP nominee
Edmund Muskie
New York, Democrat, 1919-1920, 1923-1928, Catholic
Al Smith
Massachusetts, Independent, 1793-1797, Sons of Liberty
Samuel Adams
Virginia, Democratic-Republican, 1799-1802, 1811, Era of Good Feelings President
James Monroe
California, Republican, 1967-1975, former actor
Ronald Reagan
Alaska, Republican, 2006-2009, McCain's VP nominee
Sarah Palin
Arizona, Democrat, 2003-2009, Obama's first Secretary of Homeland Security
Janet Napolitano
Utah, Republican, 2005-2009, has served in the administration of 5 U.S. presidents
Jon Huntsman
Ohio, Republican, 1868-1872, 1876-1877, His Fraudulency
Rutherford Hayes
Massachusetts, Republican, 2003-2007, Mormon
Mitt Romney
Vermont, Democrat, 1991-2003, Loud scream ruined his presidential campaign
Howard Dean
Virginia, Democratic-Republican, 1825-1827, W.H. Harrison's VP
John Tyler
Ohio, Republican, 2011-2019, 2016 Republican primary contender
John Kasich
New York, Democratic-Republican, 1817-1822, 1825-1828, Erie Canal
DeWitt Clinton
Texas, Republican, 1995-2000, both a president and a president's son
George W. Bush
Massachusetts, Republican, 1919-1921, Silent President
Calvin Coolidge
Level 57
Nov 13, 2023
Governor of Arkansas, who was 42nd President. He was also Governor from 1979-1981. Great quiz though and a good variety of different Governors
Level 65
Nov 14, 2023
Thanks for the note. I have updated it. It's crazy how long some states allow people to be governor without term limits!