Minor Characters of Seinfeld

We all know Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer, but how many other characters can you name?
Quiz by dannynelson94
Last updated: September 6, 2014
First submittedSeptember 6, 2014
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Played by Wayne Knight, appears in 48 episodes, lives in apartment 5F of Jerry's building, works for United States Postal Service, enjoys Drake's Coffee Cake and Chunky, "Oh, the humanity!"
Played by Jerry Stiller, appears in 29 episodes, inventor of Festivus, "Serenity Now!", "I'm like a phoenix, rising from Arizona!"
Frank Costanza
Played by Estelle Harris, appears in 29 episodes, enjoys playing mahjong, Kramer stops short on her, George's fiancee has a doll that looks exactly like her
Estelle Costanza
Played by Heidi Swedberg, appears in 29 episodes, used to work for NBC, has a brief stint as a lesbian, poisoned by envelopes
Susan Ross
Played by Barney Martin, appeared in 24 episodes, gets impeached as condo board president, inventor of the beltless trench-coat, very impressed with Jerry's tip calculator
Morty Seinfeld
Played by Liz Sheridan, appeared in 24 episodes, wife of the above character, known for her line "How could anyone not like him?"
Helen Seinfeld
One of Elaine's bosses, becomes a white poet warlord in Burma at one point, has a biography of himself written using Kramer's life stories, Accuses George of killing his mother, once fires Elaine because he believes she's addicted to opium, also fires her because she dislikes the film "The English Patient"
Jacopo "J" Peterman
One of George's bosses, his face is never seen, rambles whether or not anybody's listening, George's father does not approve of the trades he does, enjoys calzones with George
George Steinbrenner
Jerry's uncle, once convicted for a crime of passion, "Jerry, hello!", accuses everybody of anti-Semitism
Uncle Leo
Played by Patrick Warburton, Elaine's mechanic on-again-off-again boyfriend, big New Jersey Devils fan, Elaine once throws a fur coat out the window because she believes it to be his, has a magic eightball jacket
David Puddy
Elaine's boss at Pendant Publishing, has a problem with Elaine because of her inordinate amounts of exclamation marks, steals the idea of muffin tops from Elaine,
Elaine's boss, eats his Snickers with a knife and fork, prefers white knee socks, becomes obsessed with 3-D posters that he cannot see
Mr. Justin Pitt
George's supervisor at the Yankees, briefly abducted by carpet-cleaning cult, later leaves to become a scout for the New York Mets
Kramer's friend, quick tempered little person actor, Kramer and him begin double-dating two girls, not knowing which ones they're dating
Mickey Abbott
Stand-up comic, does a lot of material about ovaltine, forces Jerry to have dinner at Mendy's and then orders soup, "It's gold, Jerry, gold!"
Kenny Bania
Likes to leave his door open to encourage intruders, dresses up as a clown for the opera, dates and stalks Elaine, puts the kibosh on Jerry
Crazy Joe Davola
Kramer's lawyer, parody of Johnny Cochran, "Outrageous! Egregious! Preposterous!"
Jackie Chiles
Short tempered resident of Phase Two of the Pines of Mar Gables who seems to consistently have a grudge against Morty Seinfeld. Has a cool astronaut pen that he gives to Jerry out of duress.
Jack Klompus
Dentist played by Bryan Cranston, converts to Judaism purely for the jokes, a regifter
Dr. Tim Whatley
"NO soup for you!" Real name: Yev Kassem
The Soup Nazi
Jerry's girlfriend; he doesn't know her name, only that it rhymes with a female body part
Mulva/ Dolores
lives in a hermetically sealed bubble due to a compromised immune system, gets in a fight with George about a typo on a trivial pursuit card, real name is Donald
The Bubble Boy
A childhood friend of George's, worked for David Dinkins until he passed along Elaine's suggestion that everyone in New York City wear name tags. Dinkins lost the race and this character had a nervous breakdown, allegedly sold computers for George's father (his phone was never hooked up)
Lloyd Braun
Owner of an Italian restaurant who disapproves of abortion, tells traumatizing stories of his mother's death, is very strict on his idea of what pizza is, and developed stress-activated incontinence because of Elaine, which further causes him to stain Jerry's couch. Does not wash his hands
A mutual friend of the main characters, often referred to with the phrases "Love ____ _____" or "Hate __ ____". Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer give him and his fiancée a big screen TV as a wedding gift, only to find out soon after that they have broken up and his ex-fiance gave it away to charity
The Drake
From Pakistan. Jerry seems to mess up his life at every turn, by giving bad business advice on his restaurant and by not passing on his immigration notice that is accidentally delivered to Jerry's mailbox, thinks that Jerry is a "very, very bad man" (wagging his finger)..
Babu Bhatt
The bra-less wonder, heiress to the Oh Henry! candy bar fortune
Sue Ellen Mischke
George's boss, runs an industrial smoothing company, responds to serious situations with the phrase "I'm not too worried about it." Once threw all of George's stuff in the ocean at the beach
Played by Kathy Griffin, George's fiancee's college roommate from Memphis, gets a cable special about Jerry being the devil
Sally Weaver
One of Kramer's unseen friends, had a botched hernia operation, so that now he has a high-pitched voice and spends his days in a wheelchair, he also had rabies at some point,also befriended Jerry when Jerry and Kramer trade apartments, provides Elaine a Russian hat made of nutria fur
Bob Sacamano
Another of Kramer's unseen friends, an Orthodox Jew, Kramer points out his place of worship on the Peterman Reality Bus Tour, Kramer purchases a hot tub from him, he evidently killed his neighbor's cat once by blowing the circuit and shutting off the electric cat feeder
George's alter ego, an architect, the apparent namesake of an imaginary latex company, the judge's name in the finale
Art Vandelay
Level 40
Dec 9, 2018
Loved this quiz. Well done!
Level 63
Dec 23, 2020
Good quiz but why are last names required for some but not for all? I remembered Jack but couldn't remember Klompus. I tried Krampus haha.