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A winner-takes-all chariot race winds in circles through the Colusseum of ancient Rome.Ben-Hur
A huge black monolith appears among a group of man's earliest ancestors.2001: A Space Odyssey
People escape in a horse and carriage as the city of Atlanta burns to the ground near the close of the U.S. Civil War.Gone With The Wind
A murder of crows attempt to murder the staff and students of a small-town elementary school.The Birds
A broken-down sled is tossed into a fire outside a luxurious mansionCitizen Kane
As the citizens of a black-and-white TV town become 'enlightened', they change to Technicolor.Pleasantville
An aging news anchor gets 'mad as hell' as he suffers a breakdown on the air.Network
The Deathmobile breaks through the fog of traffic flares interrupting the Faber College parade.National Lampoon's Animal House
A crazy chase involving several cars, a newlywed's Volkswagon and a Chinese dragon (attached to a delivery bike) wind through San Francisco.What's Up, Doc?
A blossoming Turn-of-the-20th-Century romance is derailed with the discovery of a coin dated '1979'.Somewhere In Time

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