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39,2972019-12-07 Words that Rhyme with "Cow"
39,1362022-04-20 Top 10 Richest Countries in Africa
30,3862021-03-13 Countries with the Most Domestic Camels
16,0212022-10-04 Countries with More Sheep than People
5,9262015-02-01Most Sexually Active Countries
3,6752015-02-01World's Happiest Countries (according to North Korea)
3,6092015-02-01Words that Rhyme with "Dog"
2,9442015-02-01Sexiest Accents in the World
2,2962014-12-20Most Hated Countries in the World
2,1292014-12-08Most Murderous Dictators in World History
1,6482015-02-03Military Invasions and Occupations by the Soviet Union
1,5062014-12-12Countries that Boycotted the 1980 Moscow Olympics
1,4792015-02-03Britain's Top 50 Favourtie Books
1,3582015-02-01Countries where People Watch the Most Television
1,3342015-02-01Most Dangerous People Food for Dogs
1,1832015-02-01The Twelve Labours of Hercules
1,1652015-02-03Words that Rhyme with 'Word'
1,0922015-02-01World Goat Population
9642014-11-20Most Addictive Drugs in the World
8972015-02-01Most Expensive Places in the World
8922014-11-17Animal Scientific Names
8612014-04-25Deadliest Natural Disasters
7732015-02-01Countries Larger than Texas
7522014-05-05Disney Villain Deaths and Defeats
7062015-02-03Countries with the Most Work Hours
6622014-04-25Doctor Who: Thirteen Doctors in One Minute
6502014-11-20Countries that Consume the Most Marijuana Illegally
6162015-02-01Countries where Abortion is Illegal
5182015-02-01Richest Countries in the Middle East
5002014-12-12Countries with the Most Computers
4822014-12-12The Most Evil People in History
4752016-10-14Hottest Female Cartoon Characters
4592014-11-27U.S. States by Size - Smallest to Largest (with clues)
4382014-11-16Music Celebrities' Real Names
4022022-12-16Countries Without Snakes
4022014-12-20World's Laziest Countries
3742015-02-01Worst Popes of All Time
3472014-12-12Real Names of Historical Figures
3282014-11-20Most Surgically Enhanced Nations
3272014-12-12Professions with the Highest Suicide Rates
3202016-10-14Greenland or Antarctica?
3112014-11-18Female Rulers and Leaders
3032014-11-20Best Gambling Cities
2872015-02-01Top 5 Richest Countries in South America
2842014-12-12Country and Place Name Etymology Fun Times Quiz
2702014-05-06Animal, Vegetable or Mineral?
2652014-12-20Largest Moons in the Solar System
2542014-12-08Famous Elizabeths
2412014-05-11World's Leading Causes of Death
2312022-12-16Population of Antarctica (Permanent Residential)
2302014-12-19Countries which Outlaw Homosexual Acts
2292014-05-01Best Cities for Quality of Life
2232014-12-12Most Adapted Authors (edited)
2212022-12-16Methods of Execution in the US
2112022-12-16Countries of the World in Cyrillic Alphabet
2112014-12-1215 Richest People in History
2072014-12-17Best Books of All Time
2032022-12-16Flightless Birds
2032015-02-01Countries at GMT+12:00
1892022-12-16Most Traffic Congested Cities in the World
1752014-11-16Best Countries for Children
1652014-11-27Political Leaders who were Assassinated
1602014-11-26Smartest Animals
1602014-04-25Great Empires through History
1522014-12-12Greatest British Sitcoms (edited)
1512014-12-12Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales
1472014-10-28Best New Zealand Films of All Time
1442014-12-12Countries with the Highest Education Spending
1432014-11-21Hottest Historical Women
1382015-02-01Most Important Dead Dudes in History and Stuff
1322014-12-10Continents Ranked by Size in 45 seconds
1292014-12-12Most Generous Countries (per capita)
1112016-10-14Blackadder Goes Forth Characters
1102014-11-17New Zealand National Sports Team Nicknames
1082016-10-14Blackadder II Characters
1042014-12-12British TV Shows - Most Popular
1042016-03-14World Internet Domains - EASY **New version**
1042014-11-12Top 100 Funniest American Movies
1012014-12-12Oldest Universities in the World
992014-12-18Countries with the Lowest Amount of Firearm Related Deaths
962014-11-17Australian National Sports Teams Nicknames
922014-12-11Coldest Places in the World (Edited)
912014-12-12Countries of America by Name Length
882016-10-14Blackadder III Characters
872014-12-12Movie and TV Celebrities' Real Names
772014-11-17Most Densely Populated Countries in the World
742022-12-16All Things Pig
722016-03-15World Internet Domains - TRICKY **Re-Edited**
712014-10-25Asterix Books - French to English Title Translation
702014-12-12Most Corrupt World Leaders
702014-11-29Longest Place Names
692014-12-12Book-to-Film Adaptations - The Best
682014-05-01Best Airports in the World
672022-12-16Vampire Movies
592014-11-27Famous Native Americans
582014-11-27Easy-Peasy Quiz
572014-12-19Russian Time Zones
572014-12-20Highest Paying Jobs in Sports
572014-12-29Movies by Book: Different Titles
572022-12-16Government Systems Cow Metaphors
542014-11-17Movie Titles - Hilarious Foreign Translations (Edited)
422014-12-12Methods of Time Travel in TV, Film and Books
412015-02-01Richest Female Athletes
392015-02-01Cats Around the World
392016-10-14The Black Adder Characters
342014-11-16Famous Lasts
302014-12-15Women who Changed the World
262014-11-17Fictional Races and Species
212022-12-16Almost Dirty Words
212014-11-16Longest Movie Titles
182016-10-14Blackadder Back and Forth Characters
82022-12-16Movies within Movies