Bible - Book of Judges Trivia

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Quiz by Macaco
Last updated: July 1, 2017
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After defeating Midian, the men of Israel were each asked to give a gold what from their plunder?
Which other god is most mentioned as one of gods other than the Lord that the Israelites worshiped?
Who destroyed an altar made for the above and an Asherah pole, in order to make an altar for the Lord?
The above asked God to prove that he would help him defeat Midian by producing dew on what, but none on the ground?
Five Danites took an idol, an ephod, and household gods from who's house?
What did Jael hammer through Sisera's temple in order to kill him?
A tent peg
Which tribe was attacked and cut off from Israel?
Members of the above hid in vineyards and captured women who were doing what, to be their wives?
Judah cut off Adoni-Bezek's thumbs and what?
Big toes
Who murdered his seventy brothers, except for the youngest who escaped?
The above asked his armor-bearer to run a sword through him after a millstone was dropped on his head, because he didn't want people to say he was killed by a what?
How many men were left to fight the Midianites after they were separated by how they drank water?
The Levite cut his concubine into how many pieces?
Who plunged a sword through the belly of the king of Moab?
Samson eventually told Delilah that his real weakness was that he could not do what?
Cut his hair
In Timnah, what kind of animal did Samson tear apart with his bare hands?
Samson later ate what, that he got from the carcass of the above?
Who did Caleb give his daughter, Aksah to in marriage because he attacked and captured Kiriath Sepher?
His younger brother, Othniel
Jephthah had to sacrifice who as a burnt offering, because of a promise he had made to the Lord?
His daughter
The two kings of Midian who were killed were Zebah and ________
Level 63
Mar 12, 2023
You could be a little more lenient with the spelling of Abimelech. Other than that, a fun and challenging quiz!