Buddhist Mudras (Hand Gestures)

Give the name of each mudra.
Source: www.buddhas-online.com/mudras.html
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Last updated: July 1, 2017
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Gesture of...
One hand, palm facing outward, fingers extended upwards, arm elevated and slightly bent
Gesture of Protection
Right hand, tips of thumb and index finger touch to form a circle, all other fingers extended upwards
Gesture of Argument
Right arm hangs down over right knee, palm turned inward, fingers extended downward, finger touching lotus throne
Gesture of Witness
One arm extended down with palm facing outwards
Gesture of Charity
Right hand points downward away from the body
Gesture of Ascetic
Right hand, thumb and index finger grasp a fine object as a grain of truth
Gesture of Understanding
One hand, only index finger is raised either horizontally or vertically, other fingers locked up in a fist
Gesture of Threatening
One hand stretched out horizontally or vertically, palm turned forward, thumb presses down two middle fingers, index and pinky extended straight upwards
Gesture of Banishing
Right hand lifted in line with shoulder, wrist bent backwards, fingers and palm face upwards, fingers extended out, away from body
Gesture Beyond Misery
Arms bent at elbow, hands raised even with shoulders, fingers slightly bent with fingertips extending toward shoulders, palms facing downwards
Performance of Homage
Right hand, thumb and second and third fingers touch tips to form a ring, pinky and index fingers extend upwards
Lion Gesture
Right hand, tip of index finger and thumb join to form circle, other fingers extended straight, hand held against chest with palm facing chest
Gesture of Knowledge
Hands at shoulder level, thumb and ring finger touch tips to make a circle, pinky, index and middle finger extend straight upwards
Gesture of Discord
Person sitting holds left hand on lap, palm upwards
Gesture of Leisure
Left hand is held fist-like, fingers bend together until thumb and index fingers meet, forming an open tube
Flower-Holding Gesture
Both hands placed on lap, right hand on left, fingers fully stretched, palms facing upwards
Gesture of Meditation
Both hands held against chest, left faces inward, right faces outward, index and thumb of each hand make a circle
Gesture of Teachng
Wrists are crossed at breast, hands hold the Vajra (a thunderbolt or mystical weapon), right hand crosses over left, palms face inward towards chest, usually over the heart
Embracing Gesture
Right hand makes a fist with thumb enclosed, index finger extends upward, palm out, left hand forms a fist with palm inward and encloses extended middle finger
Gesture of Knowledge Fist
All fingers are intertwined with index fingers extending straight up together
Gesture of Perfection
Hands join palm to palm and index fingers extend together, usually pointing downwards or towards a vase or container
Gesture of Nectar Sprinkling
Namaskara or Anjali
Hands are kept close to the chest with palm and fingers joined
Gesture of Praying
Hands are arched and hold a wishing jewel (jewel cannot be seen because it is transparent)
Gesture of Holding the Jewel
Hands crossed at wrist, right over left, palms turned outward, two middle fingers are usually slightly bent
Warding Off Evil Gesture
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