Extreme General Knowledge #2

Answer these 100 moderately difficult general knowledge questions.
Quiz by Macaco
Last updated: June 23, 2016
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What is the name of the alphabet that is used to write Hindi?
On America's Next Top Model, Tyra Banks tells the models to smile with their what?
Which Youtuber has a boyfriend named Julien Solomita?
Jenna Marbles
The song "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay" by Otis Redding refers to the bay of which city?
San Francisco
During which city's Olympic opening ceremony was a female child singer replaced with another who lipsynced to her singing because she was considered "not cute enough"?
Via what did Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán most recently escape from prison?
What is the name of the "suicide forest" in Japan?
Which type of snack includes a prize in the box, which is usually a sticker or a pencil-topper?
Cracker Jack
Which Afghan ethnic group has suffered persecution dating back to the 16th century and have been the victims of massacre by the Taliban and Al-Qaeda?
What is the name of the "affluenza teen" who killed four people in a drunk driving accident?
Ethan Couch
Poems from what female poet of Ancient Greece have been interpreted to be about female homosexual desire?
In which dystopian novel are young people selected a life partner by the government at the age of 17?
What, meaning "bunny" in Japanese, is Sailor Moon's real name?
What is the name of the supreme Hindu god?
Which popular reggae song of the 80's is about a certain type of alcoholic drink?
Red Red Wine
Which Central American currency is named after a bird?
Guatemalan Quetzal
Which female pop star with Ecuadorian roots has many songs in Spanish, despite not knowing how to speak Spanish herself?
Christina Aguilera
Which store, typically found in shopping malls, sells perfumes such as Sweet Pea, Japanese Cherry Blossom, and Endless Weekend?
Bath & Body Works
Who is the wife of Ryan Reynolds?
Blake Lively
Which plant disease was the cause of the Irish Potato Famine?
"Frevo" is a Brazilian dance performed with what in one's hand?
During which year did the US congress abolish the African slave trade?
What type of bird is Kevin from the movie "Up"?
The city of Jerusalem is divided in to the Christian, the Jewish, the Muslim, and what other quarter?
This symbol: ∫ means what in calculus?
Which modern-day city was built on top of the ruins of the ancient city of Tenochtitlan?
Mexico City
The Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team were previously called what? (City and team name)
Seattle Sonics
In which African country do men sometimes tattoo their lips pink to look more attractive?
On which iconic symbol of American independence is the name of the state in which it is located misspelled?
Liberty Bell
Who was the first and only reigning queen of Hawaii?
Which Dr. Seuss book was inspired by his opposition to anti-semitism?
The Sneetches
Which four-member band claims to not be a boyband but seems like a boyband to many?
5 Seconds of Summer
The song "Check It Out" by Will.I.Am featuring Nicki Minaj uses sound clips from which 80's song?
Video Killed the Radio Star
Carly's older brother, Spencer, of the Nickelodeon show iCarly, previously played what character on the show "Drake and Josh"?
Crazy Steve
The members of which band were in the music video "Clothes Of!!" by Gym Class Heroes in 2007?
Panic! At the Disco
What is the opposite of a benign tumor?
Malignant Tumor
Which Beatles song is about an African American girl dealing with Jim Crow racism in the 60's?
GMM Grammy is a media entertainment company in which country?
How many calories are in a 20oz. bottle of coke?
Which coach was fired from the Philadelphia Eagles in 2015?
Chip Kelly
Which Green Day music video was filmed in a mental institution?
Basket Case
Which American Girl is from the year 1974?
Julie Albright
Who is the author of the books "My Sister's Keeper" and "House Rules"?
Jodi Picoult
The name of Chupa Chups lollipops comes from the Spanish verb "chupar", which means to do what?
What does F.L.D.S. stand for?
Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Which female pop star licked a doughnut in a doughnut shop and said she hated America?
Ariana Grande
Which type of Cheez-Its were made available after being requested for years?
Extra Toasty
Which 80's movie star is currently starring in an AT&T commercial?
Anthony Michael Hall
According to the Wonder Pets, what's gonna work?
What was the name of Casey Anthony's defense lawyer?
Jose Baez
Which Grateful Dead song sounds like it glorifies the use of cocaine, when it was actually meant to be an anti-cocaine song?
Casey Jones
The Spanish-speaking pop duo Chino & Nacho is from which country?
Which sportscaster for the Seattle Mariners was known for saying "My Oh My!"?
Dave Niehaus
Which restaurant sells the dish "Five-Cheese Ziti al Forno"?
Olive Garden
What is another name for the infinity symbol?
Which yellow-colored gas, with the ability to form blisters on the skin and in the lungs, was commonly used as a weapon during World War I?
Mustard Gas
According to CNN, which African city is the world's most expensive city for expatriate employees?
In which movie does a family go on a cross-country drive to the Walley-World theme park?
National Lampoon's Vacation
What is the name for the people of the lowest caste of Hinduism, aslo called the "untouchables"?
The word "toke", referring to a puff of marijuana, comes from which Spanish verb that means "it's (someone's) turn"?
Of which profession was the man who shot abraham Lincoln?
How many miles are in a 5k race?
What is the name of the tool used to mark spaces on Bingo cards with round circles of colored ink?
Which American hockey team was nicknamed the "Broad Street Bullies" during the 1970's?
Philadelphia Flyers
In the novel "Heart of Darkness", protagonist Marlow makes a voyage up which river?
What does Charlie Brown repeatedly get when he goes trick-or-treating?
A Rock
John Watson's unethical 1920 emotional conditioning experiment conditioned a baby referred to as "Little Albert" to be afraid of what animal?
What is the third largest city in Kazakhstan by population?
What color did Queen Elizabeth choose to wear on her 90th birthday?
Neon Green
In East Asian countries, it is considered attractive to have a small what?
What is the name of the Paul Frank monkey?
What is the name of Rodrick Heffley's band?
Löded Diper
Who is the Sausage King of Chicago?
Abe Froman
Who was Anne Frank's boyfriend that she was in hiding with?
Peter van Pels
What is the name for the Chinese characters used in Japanese writing?
Kody Brown, of the show "Sister Wives", has how many wives?
Which popular type of dance originated during the Italian Renaissance?
In the Movie "Now and Then", who plays the adult version of Christina Ricci's child character?
Rosie O'Donnell
What did Gretchen Wieners' dad invent?
Toaster Strudel
What is the current profession of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen?
Fashion Designer
Which former cast member of "The Office" has a book titled "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?"?
Mindy Kaling
Which 2012 Olympic athlete was considered for "The Bachelor"?
Ryan Lochte
What walks down stairs, alone or in pairs?
Which team is the #1 rival of the Arizona State Sun Devils? (Give the team name not the college)
In which US state is the town of Hershey, home of Hershey's chocolate?
Which comedienne has a scar on her face from getting cut by a stranger when she was five years old?
Tina Fey
In 2005, $320 million plans to build a "bridge to nowhere" between an island with a population of 50 and which Alaskan town were cancelled?
Which church is often blamed for the death of John Travolta's son?
Which Japanese pop singer has the songs "Pon Pon Pon" and "Ninjari Bang Bang"?
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
Which winner of Project Runway has a line of shoes and accessories at Payless?
Christian Siriano
According to the Little House On the Prairie Books, what caused Mary Ingalls to go blind?
Scarlet Fever
Which paint company's logo is a giant can of paint getting poured over the Earth?
Sherwin Williams
The flag of which type of sexuality has four stripes colored black, gray, white, and purple?
Which makeup brand has a mascara that is meant to make your eyelashes look like those of a Manga character?
As of 2014, Americans are allowed to bring up to $100 of which previously banned Cuban good into the United States?
In 2015, Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity members were caught singing a racist chant at which university?
University of Oklahoma
What is the name for the style of Brazilian dance music with artists such as MC Daleste and MC Guimê?
Baile Funk
What is another common name for the plant "yucca palm"?
Joshua Tree
For which consumer finance company should you call 877 CASH NOW?
J.G. Wentworth
In which African country is the widespread practice of Sakawa, which combines internet fraud practices with religious rituals?
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