Finding Dory Trivia

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Quiz by Macaco
Last updated: June 24, 2016
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First submittedJune 24, 2016
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In which US state is the aquarium in which Dory lived as a child?
Marlin and Nemo meet a lonely clam who tells them about which kind of animal he once dated that broke his heart?
Dory's mother likes which color shell?
The actor of which "Modern Family" character is the voice of Bailey, the beluga whale?
Phil Dunphy
"The world's most powerful pair of glasses" refers to which location technique?
How many hearts does an octopus have?
While Dory is swimming through the pipes, Bailey the beluga whale thinks Dory runs into a threatening fish when it is really just who?
Marlin and Nemo
What is the name of Dory's childhood friend, the whale shark?
Hank, the octopus, becomes extremely nervous and eventually squirts ink when he is put into which aquarium exhibit?
Touch Pool
In "Finding Nemo", Dory uses this word to describe a jellyfish and in "Finding Dory", baby Dory uses this word to describe the sand. What is it?
Which song is played as the truck full of aquarium animals is driven off the road and into the ocean in slow motion?
What a Wonderful World
Dory, excited that she remembers her parents, swims into a neighborhood of hermit crabs which repeatedly tell her to "Shhh!" because they are hiding from which animal?
Giant Squid
How many years elapsed between the release of "Finding Nemo" and the release of "Finding Dory"?
What condition does Dory suffer from?
Short-Term Memory Loss
In which type of aquarium exhibit did Dory live as a child before she got separated from her parents?
Open Ocean
The whale shark repeatedly crashes into walls because she is what?
What is the name of Dory's dad?
What is the name of Dory's mom?
Dory's parents surround their house with what, hoping that one day Dory will see them and find her way back home?
Hank, the octopus, wants Dory's tag so he can go where?
Because Hank only has seven legs, Dory says he is not an "octopus" but a what?
What is the name of the rumpled, crazy-eyed bird that carries Marlin and Nemo around in a bucket?
Level 24
Aug 3, 2016
This is an awesome quiz but you said the actor in modern family is Ty Burrell and the character is Phil Dunphy
Level 20
Sep 13, 2016
There is no GERALD