The Holocaust Quiz

Answer these general knowledge questions about the Holocaust.
Quiz by Macaco
Last updated: June 26, 2016
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The slogan "Arbeit macht frei", located at the entrance of the Auschwitz concentration camp, translates in English to "Work makes you (what)"?
What is another name for the Secret State Police, the official secret police of Nazi Germany?
What is the name of the most infamous Jewish ghetto in Poland?
"Kristallnacht", the mass-murder and destruction of homes and businesses of Jews during the night of November 9, 1938, is also called the Night of what?
Broken Glass
What German word, meaning "leader", was Hitler called?
What is the name of the gas used to kill victims in gas chambers?
Zyklon B
"Nazi" is short for what?
National Socialist
People sometimes threw what into Jewish cattle cars for the enjoyment of watching Jews fight over it?
The "Angel of Death", Josef Mengele, is infamous for his experiments on who (which kind of people)?
What is the name for the planned and attempted genocide of the Romani people (Gypsies)?
The book "Night" was written by which famous Holocaust survivor?
Elie Wiesel
Which term was used by the Nazis to denote a race which had supposedly superior blood and culture?
What, meaning "My Struggle", is the name of the book that Hitler wrote while he was in prison, before he became chancellor of Germany?
Mein Kampf
In which concentration camp did Anne Frank die?
Which disease killed Anne Frank?
Anne Frank called her hiding place in Miep Gies' house in Amsterdam the "Secret (what)"?
What is the name for an organized massacre of a particular ethnic group, particularly of Jews in Russia or Eastern Europe?
In July 1942, thousands of Jews were arrested in Paris and confined in which arena before being shipped in cattle cars to Auschwitz?
Vélodrome d'Hiver
What is the name for opposition and discrimination against Jews?
What is the name of the star that Jews were forced to wear on their clothing?
Star of David
To which continent did many Nazi war criminals escape?
South America
What was the cause of Hitler's death?
Suicide by gunshot
Level 30
Jan 14, 2021
This is the most fascinating time in history for me because it is remarkable to me that human beings reached THIS level of horrific and evil. The fact that my species would do something like this...I don't want to talk about it. Great job on the quiz though.