Estatísticas para Traduções Inglesas de Músicas Brasileiras

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Estatísticas das Respostas

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Saturday in the club / The guys started to dance / And the prettiest girl passed by / I got courage and I started to talkAi Se Eu Te Pego
Even the gringo danced samba, it's up to Neymar it's a goal!País do Futebol
Sun, beach, bikini, indulgence / I open a cold one just to refreshCaraca. Muleke!
She came hot, today I am boiling / She came hot, today I am boilingBaile de Favela
When I'm annoyed, she wants a kiss on the lips / If I'm cold, she takes off my clothesEssa Mina É Louca
Look of a diamond / She wraps us, she fascinates us / She shakes the room / She shakes tastily / Shaking even the floorGlamurosa
Raise that head, place your foot and go in faith / Send that sadness right away / It's enough to believe that a new day will break / Your time will come!Tá Escrito
In the morning, abandoned, and you don't pick up your cell phone / Poking fun, full of arrogance / Thinking that I'm going to forgiveTremendo Vacilão
I could write a thousand songs just for you / I could tell you my reasons for liking you so much / Tell me when we're going to see each otherPlanos Impossíveis
You like to demand / You only make me suffer / You only know how to yell / And you yell without knowing itCachorrinho
Cat, join me, later there's a party / I want to have fun with you in the morning / Dance, skip to when the sun comes outBalada Boa
I wanted to love, but I was afraid / I wanted to save my heart / But love knows a secret / Fear can kill your heartÁgua de Beber
I told you that I was innocent, baby / And I wasn't that man that you said I was / But your jealousy in your ear put cottonNão Me Toca
Only the priveleged have a sound equal to yours / I possess only what God gave meDesafinado
Since when you're alone you call all the time / You're missing care and you cry of longing / Accept at once that crazy desire / To love meTarde Demais

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