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A young boy is inspired to become a pirate by a man named Shanks. He travels the world, gathering crew members to achieve his goal of becoming king of the pirates.One Piece
A rubbish ninja with a big heart wishes to become hokage, and after finally graduating from ninja school is teamed up with a vengeance-obsessed narcissist and the girl of his dreams who doesn't care a fig for him.Naruto
A boy is trapped in a virtual world where death in the game means death for real. Fortunately he receives an over-powered ability that allows him to get through the game without really facing much in the way of challenge.Sword Art Online
A boy dies and finds himself back at school, where a group known as the SSS is constantly defying school rules and clashing with Angel, the student council president, even if it means their painful but impermanent death.Angel Beats!
A hikkikomori brother and sister are challenged to a game of internet chess, then asked if they would like to live in a world where everything is decided by games. Of course, they agree.No Game No Life
A mad scientist discovers a dead woman and tries to text his friend about it, but finds that the world around him suddenly changes. He determines that he has sent his text message into the past and thus altered the future, all thanks to his Mobile Microwave invention.Steins;Gate
A group of students are caught flat-footed by the zombie apocalypse, and have to use their wits, skills and enormous breasts to search for safety amidst the ruin of their city.High School of the Dead
A girl's father is murdered with half of a pair of giant scissors. She enrols in a school where your worth is determined by the number of stars on your uniform in order to take revenge on his killer.Kill la Kill
A boy with cleaning product in his hair is granted powers by a petite girl with a sword. He uses his newly gained giant sword to compensate for the fact that his show stopped being good hundreds of episodes ago.Bleach
A boy travels to Ikebukuro, Tokyo to attend high school with a childhood friend he hasn't seen since they were both young. He meets a number of interesting people who are all connected with the urban legend of the Black Rider.Durarara!!
An eclectic mix of gangsters, thieves and thugs travel across prohibition era America aboard a train named The Flying Pussyfoot. Only some of them get there alive.Baccano!
When aliens attacked Edo, the samurai fought them, but they lost. Now, with swords banned, a dead-fish-eyed, white-permed samurai will take on any job that comes his way.Gintama
A high school boy who has been bitten by a vampire catches a girl who is falling down a staircase, to discover that she is far too light. He offers to try and solve her problem. She threatens him with stationery.Bakemonogatari
A misfortunate high school student and resident of the world's centre of scientific knowledge, Academy City, discovers a petite young nun in a white habit hanging over his balcony. Although he has no talent for magic or ESP, his right hand has the power to destroy both.To Aru Majutsu No Index
A Japanese salaryman is taken hostage by smugglers and subsequently abandoned by his employer. He winds up joining the smugglers on their boat and participating in criminal operations in and out of the seedy city of Roanapur.Black Lagoon
Three school girls, a child genius, her robot friend and their talking cat get involved in a variety of wacky, weird and often-surreal situations.Nichijou
A group of students in a school that trains them to pilot giant robots named kataphrakts are drawn into a war with Mars after the Martian princess is assassinated.Aldnoah.Zero
A delinquent is forced to join the struggling Game Creation Club at his school, where it turns out he's by far the least fearsome member. His water, lightning, earth and darkness -type club mates cause him much frustration and misery.D-Frag!
A young boy from Wales graduates from magic university and is assigned a position as a teacher in a completely normal(?) all-girls school in Japan. Hijinks ensue.Mahou Sensei Negima!
On her way to school, an optimistic young girl encounters a man hanged from the bough of a cherry tree. She attempts to save him, only to discover that he is her new home room teacher, and as pessimistic a person as can be.Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
The utopia of the domed city of Romdeau begins to fall apart when their AutoReiv robots start contracting the Cogito virus and become self-aware. In investigating the murders these robots commit, a young woman discovers a much deeper conspiracy.Ergo Proxy
A group of girls go to high school. One of them has a cat for a father (possibly).Azumanga Daioh
A poverty stricken girl is granted the power to pass through solid objects by a mysterious glowing fish, and it turns out she isn't the only one to have been granted powers. She joins forces with a teleporting boy in order to fight people misusing their new powers.Tokyo ESP
A weak boy is aided against bullies by a beautiful girl, who takes him to the dojo where she lives. The masters of Ryouzanpaku proceed to train him in a variety of different martial arts.History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi
A boy is on a bus when it explodes, and a mysterious light turns him into a monster. If he doesn't learn to control his power he will turn to stone, but fortunately a girl appears who can help him. He travels with her on her airship delivering post.Xam'd: Lost Memories

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