Haiti Country Quiz

Can you guess these facts about the country of Haiti?
Quiz by alberici
Last updated: May 21, 2020
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First submittedJanuary 5, 2016
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Capital city
Country bordering Haiti
Dominican Republic
Island shared with the above
The above is part of this
island group
Greater Antilles
Sea in which Haiti lies
Caribbean Sea
Type of natural disaster that killed
> 100,000 people in 2010
Leader of the Haitian Revolution
Toussaint Louverture
Nicknames of the Duvaliers,
father-and-son dictators
Papa Doc
Baby Doc
Official languages
Haitian Creole
Colonial name of Haiti
Former "Fugees" singer who tried
to run for President in 2010
Wyclef Jean
Founder of the first European
settlement, La Navidad
Country which recently passed Haiti
as the country with the worst
absolute poverty in the Americas
Island that was once a haven for pirates
(hint: Spanish for turtle)
Tortuga Island
Country which occupied Haiti, 1915–1934
United States
To the nearest whole number, the %
of Haitians who have African ancestry
Haiti's first democratically-elected
President, in 1991
African religion which became merged
into Catholic beliefs
Level 27
Jan 6, 2016
Got em all!! Then again I am from Haiti, it would be embarrassing if I didn't
Level 37
Sep 7, 2019
Good for you. Didn't do very well; forgot L'Ouverture and misspelled the colonial name as Saint Dominique.
Level 83
Sep 21, 2020
In the same boat as you. It was French so surely it must have been St. Dominique. Always miss that one.
Level 66
May 28, 2020
Hmm tried (Saint-) Domingo and Dominga, close but not close enough I guess. (still not sure if I was lucky with guessing or if it was somewhere in the back of my mind.. one of the first and only things that really came to me, after that I went like hmm what is a saintly name..)
Level 73
Sep 21, 2020
Yeah I tried Domingo and Dominic, I relate to this.
Level 58
Sep 21, 2020
spent the entire time thinking of what "boy" or "son" would be in French lol
Level 60
Mar 17, 2022
boy is garçon. Son is fils.
Level 67
Sep 21, 2020
How did I forget Toussaint Louverture? This quiz raises several questions I'm keen to explore. Very curious to see how 100% of a Caribbean island's inhabits have African heritage, and I don't really know anything about the US occupation of Haiti. I vaguely remember hearing that the US occupied Haiti at some point, but I had no idea it was so recent.
Level 67
Sep 28, 2021
The States have "helped" many of the Central and Latin American countries that as of yet remain to be "developed". Unfortunately that just means they intervened, destabilized local governments so that they could remain the biggest power in the Americas....sigh....never been particularly proud to be American.

As for your other curiousity, it was in the Caribbean where a LOT of the slave trade centered itself. Due to the tropical climate there was much to be made from growing sugar or tobacco and others. Hence why the biggest concentration of the African Diaspora is in the Caribbean, not counting the United States.

Level 84
Sep 21, 2020
Maybe accept Santeria and HooDoo for VooDoo.
Level 77
Sep 21, 2020
I was thinking the same thing
Level 72
Sep 21, 2020
I like when I see a question beginning, To the nearest whole number..." You know it's gonna be 0 or 100 :)
Level 72
Sep 21, 2020
Please accept Bebe for Baby doc as it's what he's called there.
Level 88
Sep 22, 2020
Pretty easy quiz for me.
Level 38
Mar 11, 2021
How did I forget Venezuela? I forget about the abject poverty there
Level 55
Jul 19, 2022
Where is the data for the "Haitians of African descent" question from? I'm curious and from what I can see, the sources say 95%.
Level ∞
Jan 11, 2023
95% of entirely African descent, 5% mixed for a total of 100% minus rounding errors.