Samoa Country Quiz

Can you guess these facts about the island country of Samoa?
Quiz by alberici
Last updated: June 22, 2020
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First submittedSeptember 24, 2019
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Capital city
Official languages
Name of Samoa prior to 1997, which explains why its country code is "ws"
Western Samoa
Constellation depicted on the flag
Southern Cross
Oceanian region that Samoa is part of
Scottish writer of "Treasure Island" who lived in Samoa
Robert Louis Stevenson
Country that controlled Samoa from 1900–1914
Country from which Samoa gained its independence in 1962
New Zealand
Country that still controls the eastern part of the Samoan islands
United States
22% of Samoa's population died from this 1918–1919 pandemic, making it possibly
the world's worst-hit country
Spanish Flu
December 30, 2011 never existed in Samoa as the country switched to the
opposite side of this imaginary line
International Date Line
The two main islands of Samoa (name either)
Savai'i / Upolu
Root vegetable which was Samoa's main export prior to a 1994 blight
98% of Samoans practice this religion
Copra, a staple crop, is the dried meat of this tropical plant
Traditionally, many Samoans have these on their body which are known as
pe'a (for men) or mula (for women)
Most popular sport
Rugby Union
Until 2009, Samoa did this on the right, but now they do it on the left
Traditional Samoan houses don't have these
Level 91
Jun 22, 2020
Accept RLS for Stevenson?
Level 87
Jun 22, 2020
No walls? Not a good place to try to sell internet-enabled doorbell security systems.
Level 69
Jun 23, 2020
Not a great sign when you miss Samoan as an official language, whoops
Level 89
Feb 23, 2022
No walls doesn't have to mean no doors
Level 61
Jul 17, 2020
You wrote Somoa in the driving question
Level 71
Jul 21, 2020
Accept just date line for international date line?
Level 40
Aug 18, 2020
you can just type "idl" or 180 and it'll probably work
Level 76
Sep 14, 2020
180 doesnt work. It should.
Level 74
Sep 14, 2020
no, it should not, as the IDL is not the same as 180°
Level 55
Aug 9, 2020
Damn you New Zealand, i didn't take you for an invader
Level 78
Aug 10, 2020
They didn't invade Samoa! The League of Nations made Samoa a mandate administered by New Zealand after the First World War after Germany surrendered.
Level 40
Aug 18, 2020
so technically, the uk will be samoa's grandfather
Level 64
Jan 11, 2021
I like that idea. Someone should make a United Kingdom family tree showing how all former territories are the children and grandchildren (and possibly great-grandchildren) of the UK.
Level 89
Dec 25, 2020
I tried Australia first, but for some reason it took me a while to think of New Zealand.
Level 46
Apr 12, 2021
Thankfully things have changed since 1914. New Zealand played a pretty shameful part in Samoa's Spanish Flu pandemic. Like other unfortunate parts of New Zealand history, we kind of sweep it under the rug.
Level 59
Oct 29, 2020
I knew that Robert Louis Stevenson lived in Samoa, but he is Scottish?!?!
Level 73
Dec 25, 2020
Well, he was. Why should that be so strange?
Level 47
Jan 31, 2024
Old comment, but I believe his health was bad (probably why he took up writing) and wanted better air and such. Basically, it had good mail service to stay in contact, friendly people (that hasn't changed!), and wasn't overrun by cities and civilization.,under%20pressure%20to%20keep%20writing.

Level 44
Nov 9, 2020
It seems that "Date Line" or "Dateline" don't work, only "International Date Line". There is only one Date Line, International or otherwise, so Date Line should be an acceptable alternative.
Level 59
Nov 10, 2021
i just typed "idl"
Level 45
Dec 27, 2020
I tried catholicism & catholic for religion. Seems semantic.
Level 83
Mar 6, 2021
except that Catholicism isn't the majority religious denomination in Samoa? According to Wikipedia it's the Christian Congregational Church of Samoa
Level 50
Dec 15, 2021
accept rugby for rugby union??
Level 63
Nov 8, 2023
watching hobbs and shaw gave me 2 answers
Level 69
Feb 5, 2024
I didn’t guess “drive”? The question seemed so confusing.