50 Largest Countries on the Clickable Empty Blue World Map Quiz

Oh no, someone spilled Blue Curacao on the World Map! Fill in the 50 largest countries by clicking them on the map and then in the name list!
Overseas territories are not considered
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Quiz by scambigol
Last updated: October 14, 2016
First submittedOctober 14, 2016
Times taken6,201
Average score62.0%
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C. African Rep.
D.R. Congo
S. Africa
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Level 70
Oct 17, 2016
Sorry, this is confusing.
Level 49
Feb 5, 2017
Same. I got a tad confused with the instructions.
Level 44
Feb 20, 2017
This is a VERY confusing quiz. I am very knowledgeable in world geography and I couldn't understand what I was supposed to do. Please re-write the instructions.
Level 66
Jun 14, 2021
What has your geography knowledge got to do with your quiz instruction reading skills?
Level 55
Nov 1, 2017
confusing for a few clicks...and then one of the most enjoyable and challenging map quizzes I've done. Thanks!!
Level 59
Jun 24, 2018
Yeah, I didn't do very well, but very interesting!
Level 59
Jan 25, 2021
I think you have to click on a section of the map and then click the answer. Don't just hover over the screen, actually click a section where you know a country is and then click the answer in the side column. It was confusing for me at first but I eventually found my way around it.
Level 71
Jan 18, 2017
OK you got me, I clicked where Russia would be and a map of Turkey came up in red, I clicked on Turkey and I got a zero and a map of Kenya came up........... then I made a comment and left the scene.
Level 69
Mar 6, 2017
I had similar problems. I clicked where Canada should be and then clicked on the name and the shape of Egypt came up in red.
Level 65
Aug 1, 2019
me 2
Level 55
Sep 22, 2020
Did you click when your mouse was the little click hand rather than just a cursor? because it's based off of when you are actually hovering over the country, otherwise it will just go to whatever country it randomly started on.
Level 54
Jun 14, 2021
Just what I experienced, sometimes even when I was sure I clicked in the right position. Can't miss Libya when I already got Egypt, I thought... well, a bright red Madagascar showed up...
Level 41
May 31, 2017
This looks like a rash with puss...
Level 63
Jun 13, 2017
Some of the clickable areas are definitely off base. Clicking some very obvious locations, like Canada after you've already gotten the USA, will generate "wrong" guesses all over the map, Australia, Chile, Algeria, Yemen, all came up "wrong" when I wan't even close to those points of the map.

Good quiz, fun quiz, but needs a little more debugging.

Level 64
Nov 2, 2017
Good Quiz!
Level 67
Feb 17, 2018
I just don't get this quiz. I click in the map area and what? There are no reference marks. And even if after trying this quiz a couple times and I know where Canada or the US should be and click the name and move onto the next country like Mexico it randomly pops up with an incorrect country shape like Afghanistan! WTH? Do I need some kind of telepathic ability to know what country this quiz has decided is next?
Level 75
Feb 17, 2018
when you 'move to mexico' make sure the mouse pointer has become a hand, then click on the map, then click on 'Mexico'
Level 69
Jun 1, 2018
50/50 first try! very fun and unique, 5 stars
Level 53
Jan 7, 2019
Level 61
Jun 20, 2020
This was really cool, nominated.
Level 53
Oct 10, 2020
All of these with the slide bar answers take too long to look around for the name that you know and this one will not go back up to the top for Argentina. A regular list in as many columns as you need below the map would work better. Map is way too small for configurations as well. Nice idea presentation needs work.
Level 48
Oct 11, 2020
Got 48, I missed Chile and I clicked S. Sudan for Sudan by accident. Great quiz!
Level 53
Jan 14, 2021
Got perfect! Very mind-numbing though because you have to be precise.
Level 56
Jun 2, 2021
missed mauritania
Level 75
Jun 14, 2021
Also knowledgeable about geography and maps in particular. But the quiz doesn't work the way the directions state. If I click on the blue (in an area where I assume a large country like Russia or the US to be) it does NOTHING at all. If I reverse the directions and click on a country it counts it wrong and another country shape - in red - shows up (Libya when I clicked on Afghanistan, Egypt when I clicked on Russia). I could not find any other way to make this quiz work. Wish it did, sounds like fun.
Level 61
Jan 24, 2022
You have to click the country in the blue first (make sure the cursor is a hand) and THEN click the appropriate name in the list.

For example, I could take my cursor to the top left of the blue and click. THEN I would search for Canada on the list and click it, making Canada appear green on the map.

Level 70
Jun 14, 2021
I really like this quiz! It was definitely a more challenging variation of this quiz style that really forced me to think about geographical relationships. I know other people said there are bugs, and I think those should definitely be fixed, but otherwise I think this would be a great addition to the front page! Nominated!
Level 54
Jun 14, 2021
Fun Quiz! Very challenging, nominated.
Level 87
Jul 6, 2021
Level 79
Oct 15, 2021
I don't get it.
Level 91
Oct 15, 2021
once you get the point of this quiz, it is very fun (IMHO), great job! I think this is probably the most enjoyable quiz of the serie.

Anyway, like other people, I struggled a lot to understand the instructions... could you maybe explain them better?

Also, i was a bit confused by the map: which projection did you use? it seems a bit too much vertically stretched

Level 67
Oct 15, 2021
I thought I was doing so well! Just 4 countries remaining, then one country turned green instead of red. It turns out that all the countries were supposed to be green and not red. Oh.
Level 85
Oct 15, 2021
I was confused for the first two clicks, then realized what I was supposed to be doing and enjoyed it. Maybe the instructions should read:

Hover over the blue where you think a listed country should be. Click when the cursor becomes and hand, then select your guess from the country list. Rinse. Repeat. Note: avoid scrolling by typing the first letter of your guess.

Level 59
Dec 23, 2021
I challenge you all to try this on a mobile phone or iPad. That is the real test. I did it on my iPad, I did well I guess, but it’s very hard not knowing if you’re even clicking a country. A few times I happened to click the ocean, and when I guessed the country, it said it was wrong but for a completely different country.
Level 57
Dec 29, 2021
I had a lot of problems with wrong countries showing up. It doesn't work well on phones. Needs some improvements but i really like the idea
Level 82
Dec 29, 2021
This was a good quiz once I figured out how to play it. I didn't notice at first that only the 50 countries are clickable on the map and present in the list, so I was being more careful than I needed to be.
Level 52
Feb 9, 2022