Country Logic Puzzle by Scambigol

Follow instructions carefully!

1) Each cell is identified by its row followed by its column, so for example the top left cell is ab
2) With one exception, whenever it's possible a cell will contain a country that begins with its cell name (eg you'd have abkhazia in cell ab if it were a country)
3) Country length is measured by number of letters (so excluding spaces etc)
4) Names used are the standard jetpunk ones
5) Egypt isn't in this quiz
Quiz idea from this quiz by Quizzer6794
My first attempt so I hope there's no mistakes!
Please don't cheat by guess and check!
Quiz by scambigol
Last updated: January 18, 2019
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First submittedSeptember 24, 2016
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column b countries are multi-word except one of them
in this quiz no country has more letters than all other countries
in each column you will find 2 countries bordering the one in row e
in each row you will find at least one country containing letter d


eg begins with a
countries in this row border exactly 2 countries
four countries in row o begin with the same letter
row a has three 4 letter countries


countries in this row begin with A, I, M and S
this row contains island countries except if


adjacent countries in row u border each other
four countries in column g are in the same continent


column h countries are all 5 letters long
in this column no country has less letters than the one above it
all countries are different except ob=od
in row i no countries has more letters than the one to its left
zimbabwe is in uc
in each row no country has a longer name than the one in column f, except 2 names in column b
Level 77
Sep 24, 2016
Great! And hard :) There is no Egypt in EG.
Level 57
Sep 24, 2016
A few adjustments needed. But it's a great quiz.
Level 76
Sep 25, 2016
Which ones?
Level 75
Sep 25, 2016
I think the Iraq clue messes with your head, because both of the first-equal-longest country names (St Vincent and DR Congo, 28 letters each) appear here. But if we have a first equal length, then its automatic that no country has more letters than all other countries...
Level 76
Sep 25, 2016
I don't think you can be sure St Vincent is there without the Iraq clue
Level 75
Sep 25, 2016
"this row contains island countries except if" seems to make go grammatical sense, I only realized later that if means row i and column f.
Level 59
Sep 25, 2016
in box "ib" it should say begin, not being. Just a detail. Great quiz
Level 76
Sep 25, 2016
fixed, thanks!
Level 76
Apr 7, 2021
what do you mean?
Level 59
Sep 27, 2016
how do you proceed without guessing south africa in the beginning? do you assume you have the highest chances since it's all but one multiple-letter countries in column a, hence more likely than botswana or zimbabwe?
Level 76
Sep 27, 2016
you need to know quite well your 2 border counties - if you manage to go through the world map in your head you'll see that there isn't a single combination where all 3 countries (the one bordering 2 and the 2 that border it) are all multiple words, there's actually only one combination where 2 of them are multi-word; similarly there's only one where they're all 5 letters long
Level 51
Oct 6, 2017
I think Jerry928 has it right: the Iraq clue can be misleading. Perhaps clarify that that the length refers to all countries in the world and not to all countries contained only in the quiz: e.g., "In this quiz, no country has more letters than all other world countries." Otherwise, marvelous fun; well done.
Level 68
Nov 17, 2017
It's impossible to do this without guessing and checking...
Level 76
Nov 17, 2017
why? where are you stuck?
Level 65
Jul 1, 2018
The Zimbabwe one says: "Each column has 2 countries that have a border with the one in row e," or something like that. There is not a single country in row e that has at least 12 borders, so I don't get it.

I may be misunderstanding, I may have left a word out, but just something to look into.

Level 52
Dec 20, 2018
For some reason, Saudi Arabia didn't work.
Level 89
Jan 17, 2019
The entry for IH doesn't seem to work.
Level 76
Jan 18, 2019
Should be fixed now, thanks!
Level 68
Jun 29, 2021
Level 28
Sep 15, 2021
u mad
Level 34
May 16, 2022
i dont get how i am supposed to continue after finishing column C
Level 73
Jun 9, 2023
Great quiz, really. Very hard! I confirm that no guessing is needed!

I had to use the world map and the list of countries, because i wanted to be sure not to guess something just because i had forgotten something else... paradoxically, it would have been easier (but less interesting) without list and map.

Level 29
Aug 3, 2023
Um...Saudi Arabia is on here twice? And on the AF clue, it says "in each column you will find 2 countries bordering the one in row E." There are only 2 countries that border Ecuador, Peru and Colombia. So how can EACH column contain these, unless Peru and Colombia repeat. Maybe the clue should read, "for each country in row E, each column contains 2 nations that border that same country. Ex. Row E contains Avondale. In the same column as Avondale are 2 countries that border Avondale." Clues were NOT super helpful. I gave up after only getting like, 5.