Country Logic Puzzle by Scambigol #2

Follow instructions carefully!

1) Each cell is identified by its row followed by its column, so for example the top left cell is af
2) Whenever it's possible a cell will contain a country that begins with its cell name
3) When case 2 doesn't apply, whenever it's possible a cell will contain a country that begins with its column followed by its row (ie its cell name reversed, so fa for the top left one)
4) If cases 2 and 3 don't apply, the country will begin with either its row or its column
5) Country length is measured by number of letters (so excluding spaces etc)
6) Names used are the standard jetpunk ones
Quiz idea from this quiz by Quizzer6794
My second attempt so I hope there's no mistakes!
Please don't cheat by guess and check!
Previous quiz in series here
Quiz by scambigol
Last updated: January 10, 2019
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First submittedSeptember 27, 2016
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no country in the world has the same first 3 letters as the one in bi
countries in column f are either island nations or landlocked
ireland isn't in this quiz
column f has one 1-word country, two 2-word countries


row c has a country from each continent


countries in column g are 5 letters long
countries in this row are in alphabetical order


countries in this row are entirely between the tropics
every row has at least one multi-word country
3 columns contain at least 1 landlocked country, 3 don't


in this row no adjacent countries start with the same letter
no country appears more than once
countries in bj and bk border each other
in one column all countries are borderless except one which borders 1 country only
Level 65
Sep 27, 2016
Cool, but to little clues.
Level 77
Sep 27, 2016
they are enough to solve it without any guessing (unless I made some mistakes!)
Level 58
Sep 27, 2016
it is too tempting to guess and check... I did when the last minute was running out. I thought, afterwards, that I should have taken it untimed...
Level 58
Sep 27, 2016
There! It took me 35'.
Level 50
Oct 7, 2017
Another great quiz. There appear to be two countries that can be placed in both bj and bk that concur with the logic, given the lack of standardization of country names used throughout jetpunk.
Level 68
Nov 17, 2017
Fun but very, very hard! You should give extra time or more clues.
Level 66
Jul 1, 2018
Just curious, wouldn't Dominican Republic not be an island country, since it borders Haiti, but I also see why it is an island country, because it is detached from the Americas and Afro-Eurasia, but just curious. I guess United Kingdom and Ireland are Island countries even though they bordered each other, but just to make sure?
Level 28
Sep 15, 2021
uk and ireland are island countries
Level 28
Sep 15, 2021
unless you count Gibraltar as uk and it isnt an island anymore
Level 28
Sep 15, 2021
but saying that is like saying france is an island country because it owns matinique
Level 66
Jul 1, 2018
Great quiz by the way!
Level 66
Jul 1, 2018
I was like: There's no country that starts with F and E that has more that 2 words! I gave up and I was like OH
Level 45
Dec 6, 2018
This doesn't accept my answers; for example Chile. No matter if I wrote it chile, Chile or CHILE. :-(
Level 77
Dec 6, 2018
they should all be fixed now - thanks!
Level 73
Jan 10, 2019
Very nice quiz! But why can't you swap Antigua and Barbuda with Australia? Without that clue I can't finish the quiz without cheating on this country!
Level 77
Jan 10, 2019
whoops hadn't realized, thanks a lot! I added a clue in DG that should fix it. Thanks again!
Level 60
Aug 15, 2021
Chile still does not work for me?
Level 75
Jun 9, 2023
Wow, very difficult but great. I've read in some comments that there was ambiguity in the choice of a couple of countries, but everything has been fixed now: no guessing needed, unique solution!

I love these geographical - logic quizzes, but I understand that they need very hard work to be constructed... so thank you very much!

Level 29
Aug 3, 2023
Good but clues not specific enough. For example, when first starting out, GA could be Gabon or Gambia. JA = Japan or Jamaica, CH=Chad or China, CG = Chile or Ghana. This is just a few examples.
Level 63
Jul 14, 2024
The point is that since those cannot be uniquely determined at that point, you shouldn't fill them in yet. They will get uniquely determined by the clues later.
Level 46
Jan 31, 2024
How can we know DR Congo?
Level 32
Feb 22, 2024
Process of elimination. There are only so many countries with a D or K, and DF says row D must be in the tropics. This leaves:


Dominican Republic,


Democratic Republic of the Congo,



All of which are filled in somewhere else.