Country Logic Puzzle by Scambigol #6

UAE-Qatar border isn't considered, but for a tougher version of the quiz pretend you don't know whether it's considered or not!
Quiz idea from this quiz by Quizzer6794
Please don't cheat by guess and check!
Previous quiz in series: #5
Quiz by scambigol
Last updated: December 20, 2018
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First submittedMay 29, 2017
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1) Fill in the grid with 24 countries
2) Each country has a different starting letter
3) All countries in the grid border another country in the grid, except for those in green cells
4) Capitals of countries in green cells are shorter than any capital of countries in the same row that aren't in green cells
5) On top of each column you are shown hints about the length of its answers
6) To the left of each row you are shown hints about its answers
6 or 8 letters
4 letters
5 letters
Alphabetically after Myanmar
Saudi Arabia

Burkina Faso
begins with vowel other than U
El Salvador
capitals in alphabetical order going right to left
of the Congo
capital alphabetically before Bangkok
United Arab Emirates
alphabetically after Russia;
in alphabetical order going left to right
Vatican City
Level 65
May 29, 2017
Awesome! Finished with 19 seconds left :) Where are the stats?
Level 76
May 29, 2017
with no guessing? wow! I'm actually thinking whether it's necessary to specify that green cells don't contain borderless countries. Not sure why stats disappeared: I added some hint columns and it's now working, must be some property inherited by copying from some previous quiz. thanks!
Level 65
May 29, 2017
Actually, I guessed on one of them, but got it right on the first try :P
Level 85
May 29, 2017
Fun puzzle! Starting with the four letter countries seems like a good way.
Level 65
Dec 19, 2018
Great one

Burkina Faso and Niger do share a border and are adjacent, though.

Level 76
Dec 20, 2018
whoops!! I removed the "In the grid no country is adjacent to a bordering country, not even diagonally" hint as I think it's not necessary although it does make the quiz harder. I hope I haven't made any other mistakes! thanks a lot
Level 71
Jun 13, 2019
ok, this one was impossible without cheating, I mean it's probably feasible with careful statistical analysis, but not with standard logic,

I solved it using the old green-cells-dont-contain-borderless-countries-hint from the comments.

Level 72
Jan 24, 2022
Great quiz Scambigol. Can you write down your straight solution without cheating? It seems to me that time is not enough if you have to think of all the possibilities
Level 76
Jan 27, 2022
ok I tried, taking the quiz a long time after creating it... maybe now that Macedonia changed its name to North Macedonia there's other solutions, I am not sure.

I hope this is correct and I am guessing it can be improved:

F4 - Togo (only 4 letter country alphabetically after Russia)

F5 - Yemen (only 5 letter country alphabetically after Togo)

so we know row C has A-E-I-O countries (in case Y was considered a vowel)

C4 - Oman

E4 - Mali (only 4 letter country with capital alphabetically before Bangkok other than Iraq)

Emw - UAE (only multiword country with capital alphabetically before Bangkok)

Fmw - Vatican City (only multiword beginning with V)

C5 - Italy (only neighbour of Vatican so must be in the quiz)

E5 - Ghana (only 5 letter country with capital alphabetically before Bangkok other than Samoa that has no neighbours)

A4 - Peru (only 4 letter country left alphabetically after Myanmar)

C68 - Angola (there's no 4-5-8 letter countries, Antigua and Barbuda has no neighbours)

Level 76
Jan 27, 2022
D4 - Chad (other 4 letter option with borders is Laos, but having capital Vientiane it would give Cameroon as only option to its left; this would leave Laos without neighbours)

Cmw - El Salvador (the other multi-word E option was Equatorial Guinea but its neigbhours have C-G initials which are taken already) with Honduras as neighbour, somewhere in the first column

E68 - Jordan (other options with available letters are Brunei but can't have Malaysia, Greece but can't have Albania, Macedonia - actually now it's North Macedonia you could... - or Turkey)

This means S is Jordan's neighbour (can't have Israel or Iraq) either Syria or Saudi Arabia (in case Qatar has 'dubious' neighbour UAE).

F68 - Rwanda

This mean DRC is in the quiz as Rwanda's neighbour (Burundi is 7 letters long, U for Uganda is taken, T for Tanzania is taken)

Level 76
Jan 27, 2022
Emw - DRC (if you look at possible multi-word countries with borders and possibile initial letters having capital alphabetically before N'Djamena, it's the only option - remebering to consider that S is taken as Jordan's neighbour)

B4 - Laos (only L countries possible are Libya but no cell is good for it because of row indications or green cell as it borders Chad; and Latvia but no neighbour can be present)

D68 - France: the only F country that can find a place; can't be in row A because alphabetically before Myanmar, cannot be in row B because capital is shorter than Vientiane

B68 - Honduras: only possible place for El Salvador's only possible neighbour

We have 6 letters missing: B K N Q S Z

Z is definitely taking the only 6-8 letters box left. K and Q are taking 2 of the 5 letter boxes as they have no multi-word answers.

Level 76
Jan 27, 2022
N has North Korea and North Macedonia possibilities (well it didn't have North Macedonia when the quiz was created) but they have no possible neighbours in the quiz, so it's either Nepal or Niger. That leaves S and B as multi-word answers.

B5 - Kenya: only place for 5 letter long country not bordering other countries in the quiz

D5 - Qatar: Doha is as long as Lima so Qatar can't go in A5, this means D5 is the only option

A5 - Niger: Nepal has no neighbours in the quiz so it's the only option

Bmw - Burkina Faso: Bosnia has no neighbours in the quiz, Burkina is alphabetically before Myanmar so this is the only option

A68 - Zambia: as Zimbabwe has no neighbours in the quiz