World geography - Top 10 Landforms: trenches, islands, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, mountains, deserts

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Antarctica not considered a desert
Quiz by scambigol
Last updated: November 8, 2017
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Deepest trenches
Largest islands
Longest rivers
Highest waterfalls
Largest lakes
Tallest mountains
Largest deserts
Challenger Deep/Mariana Trench (11033 m)
Greenland (2,130,800 km2)
Nile – Kagera (6650 km)
Angel Falls (979 m)
Caspian Sea (371,000 km2)
Everest/ Sagarmatha/ Chomolungma (8,848 m)
Sahara (9,400,000 km2)
Tonga Trench (10882 m)
New Guinea (785,753 km2)
Amazon – Ucayali – Apurímac (6400 km)
Tugela Falls (948 m)
Superior (82,414 km2)
K2/Qogir/Godwin Austen (8611 m)
Arabian Desert (2,330,000 km2)
Galathea Depth (10540 m)
Borneo (748,168 km2)
Yangtze (6300 km)
Three Sisters Falls (914 m)
Victoria (69,485 km2)
Kangchenjunga (8586 m)
Gobi Desert (1,300,000 km2)
Kuril-Kamchatka Trench (10500 m)
Madagascar (587,713 km2)
Mississippi–Missouri–Jefferson (6275 km)
Olo'upena Falls (900 m)
Huron (59,600 km2)
Lhotse (8516 m)
Kalahari Desert (900,000 km2)
Kermadec Trench (10047 m)
Baffin Island (507,451 km2)
Yenisei–Angara–Selenge (5539 km)
Yumbilla Falls (896 m)
Michigan (58,000 km2)
Makalu (8485 m)
Patagonian Desert (670,000 km2)
Izu-Ogasawara Trench (9780 m)
Sumatra (473,481 km2)
Yellow River (5464 km)
Vinnufossen (860 m)
Tanganyika (32,893 km2)
Cho Oyu (8188 m)
Great Victoria Desert (647,000 km2)
Japan Trench (9000 m)
Honshu (225,800 km2)
Ob–Irtysh (5410 km)
Balåifossen (850 m)
Baikal (31,500 km2)
Dhaulagiri I (8167 m)
Syrian Desert (520,000 km2)
Puerto Rico Trench (8605 m)
Victoria Island (217,291 km2)
Paraná – Río de la Plata (4880 km)
Pu'uka'oku Falls (840 m)
Great Bear Lake (31,080 km2)
Manaslu (8163 m)
Great Basin Desert (492,000 km2)
Yap Trench (8527 m)
Great Britain (209,331 km2)
Congo–Chambeshi (4700 km)
James Bruce Falls (840 m)
Malawi (30,044 km2)
Nanga Parbat (8126 m)
Chihuahuan Desert (450,000 km2)
South Sandwich Trench (8428 m)
Ellesmere Island (196,236 km2)
Amur–Argun (4444 km)
Browne Falls (836 m)
Great Slave Lake (28,930 km2)
Annapurna I (8091 m)
Great Sandy Desert (400,000 km2)
Level 73
Sep 30, 2016
the largest desert column doesn't show up with the corrected answers
Level 43
May 14, 2017
Could you accept United kingdom/UK for "Great Britain"?
Level 75
Aug 28, 2019
The UK is not an island
Level 77
Jun 29, 2017
I get that Australia is considered a continent but it is also considered an island given that it is a continent not connected an any way to another continent like the others with the exception of Antarctica.. which should also be considered an island given the definition of an island.
Level 51
Nov 8, 2017
Yes, but technically Africa, North America, and South America aren't connected to any other continents either.
Level 88
Dec 4, 2022
Don’t know what maps you’ve been using… it’s certainly possible to walk from Africa to Asia and Europe, and the Americas have a single road from top to bottom. If you’re referring to the canals, then by your logic there must be hundreds more “islands” all over the world which nobody thinks of as “islands” at all
Level 77
Oct 5, 2018
Good quiz. Can't agree with dcmd that Australia and Antarctica can be considered islands. His argument doesn't make sense. An island is land separate from a continental landmass and which is entirely surrounded by water.
Level 77
Jun 29, 2017
+1 on accepting UK for Great Britain although it's legally incorrect.

Also, please consider "papua new guinea" for new guinea.

Level 71
Nov 28, 2019
Both of these are wrong though. The UK and Papua New Guinea are Countries. Great Britain and New Guinea are Islands. Great Britain doesn't include Northern Ireland and Papua New Guinea doesn't include the Indonesian Area of New Guinea.
Level 74
Nov 8, 2017
Great quiz. Nice to have a mix of easier and harder geographical features.
Level 74
Nov 8, 2017
One question though. Shouldn't Philippine Trench also be acceptable for Galathea Depth?
Level 76
Jan 24, 2020
Where's the ANtarctic Desert
Level 77
Feb 15, 2020
South of here
Level 29
Nov 22, 2021
read the notices
Level 64
Feb 21, 2020
Overall, great quiz. Some columns were easy with a bit of geography knowledge, and some were crazy hard!

I got all the rivers and lakes. Would have gotten all the islands if "Britain" were accepted for Great Britain. Looks like more than half of people missed that one, probably for the same reason. "Britain" should be accepted.

After the Mariana Trench, I just started guessing names of places that are near oceanic plate boundaries and I lucked out with the Japan Trench.

A gripe though: By what definition is Antarctica not a desert? If you're not counting cold deserts, then the Gobi shouldn't count either.

Level 88
Dec 4, 2022
There are many islands in the British Isles, but the largest of them is called Great Britain
Level 61
Apr 24, 2020
Antarctica is considered a desert
Level 88
Aug 13, 2021
good quiz