Statistics for Successful Movies That Were Supposed To Be Disasters

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When they began shooting the movie they had no cast, no script...and no sharkJaws
Test audiences and cast members said this 1977 movie would never work and that the plot was hard to follow. All that changed when the film openedStar Wars
The budget ballooned to 200 million the most at that time (1997). Critics said the script was horrible and that audiences wouldn't go see it because everyone knew the endingTitanic
They called it "Disney's Folly". Walt Disney had to fight to make the picture while many (including his wife) said he shouldn't. Disney even had to mortgage his house. Went on to become an animated classicSnow White
Labeled as too dark and brooding, this sci fi classic starring Harrison Ford actually didn't do well at the box officeBladerunner
This Christmas movie classic was such a financial flop in 1946 that the studio didn't even bother to retain the film's rights. That's why it's been shown practically every year on tv since its releaseIt's A Wonderful Life
This film was a surprising hit not because of the critics (they loved it) but because it was felt that Americans wouldn't go for a martial arts foreign film with subtitles. It became a success and won 4 oscars in 2000Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Critics hated the remake and the casting of Mark Wahlberg but this 2001 movie had the second best opening weekend gross of that year and did very well overseas. Charleton Heston would be proudPlanet of the Apes
No one thought that making a movie based on a Disney theme park ride was a good ideaPirates of the Caribbean
This film went through 5 directors and had an unheard of cost of 2,777,000 in 1939. It only earned 3,000,000 in its initial realease but has become one of the most iconic movies of all timeThe Wizard of Oz
This movie was neither a box office success or critical one in 1941. Critics said it was too dark and overly long. It is now considered one of the greatest films of all time and it's ending line is AFI's 17th greatest movie quote of all timeCitizen Kane
No one thought an action movie taking place all in one night headlined by a comedic actor would ever succeed.It has been voted best action movie of all time by Entertainment WeeklyDie Hard
Blasted by critics and sailing into obscurity, many think this Robin Williams movie is a flop but it made Tristar 50 million dollars profit. Not one of Speilberg's bestHook
This film practically bankrupted 20th Century Fox in 1963 and was skewered by critics for its historical inaccuracies. It went on to modest success and garnered 4 academy awardsCleopatra
This sequel was supposed to be awful because it was shoddily made during the writers guild strike and there wasn't any time for rewrites. Critics bashed it relentlessly. Was the second highest grossing movie in 2009 behind AvatarTransformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

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