Bahamas Country Quiz

How much to you know about this nation consisting of more than 700 islands, cays, and islets?
Quiz by burntfrost
Last updated: June 20, 2020
First submittedMay 13, 2014
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Capital city
Island on which the capital lies
New Providence
Largest island
North Andros
Countries which lie closest to the Bahamas
United States
British territory which lies just 46 km from the Bahamas
Turks and Caicos
The Bahamas was the first country in the New World to be visited
by this explorer in 1492
Christopher Colombus
To the nearest whole number, the percent of the native population who died or were
transported away within 30 years of European contact
Country from which the Bahamas became independent in 1973
United Kingdom
Bahamian dollar
Pirate captain of the "Queen Anne's Revenge" who was based in the Bahamas
Animal that tourists can swim with at Big Major Cay
Former king who served as Governor of the Bahamas from 1940–1945
Duke of Windsor
(formerly Edward VIII)
Despite popular misconception, the Bahamas do NOT lie in this sea
Caribbean Sea
Bird depicted on the coat of arms
Industry which accounts for about 50% of GDP
Most popular sport
Level 82
Jun 20, 2020
Please consider accepting Edward Teach for the pirate question.
Level 84
Jun 20, 2020
That would give away Edward VIII though.
Level 76
Jun 21, 2020
then rejig somehow. pretty daft to have a quiz which only accepts someone's nickname and not their real one.
Level 71
Nov 17, 2020
If you know his real name than you definetly know his nickname. This is just to boast.
Level 66
Dec 20, 2020
Level 80
Mar 6, 2021
I have to admit to having tried Edward Teach first. I think the Horrible Histories song mentioning his name has something to do with it
Level 50
Sep 25, 2021
I also tried "Teach" first. Don't always assume that people are boasting.
Level 67
Jun 21, 2020
Lol that pig knowledge was came from somewhere deep within my brain
Level 85
Jul 29, 2020
I tried all sorts of answers for that question, but pigs did not occur to me as a possibility.
Level 57
Dec 20, 2020
i didn't even know pigs could swim
Level 58
Oct 10, 2021
I think I read somewhere very mammal can swim, except for giraffes. And maybe some primates.
Level 77
Dec 21, 2020
Haha, same. Went with sharks, dolphins and turtles, then something just clicked at the furthest back of my mind. No idea when I'd heard it before!
Level 49
Dec 7, 2020
the closest country to the bahamas is actually the uk, through the overseas territory of the turks and caicos islands. you should specify that you dont count overseas territories

(Yes i know overseas territory arent officially part of the uk but thats nitpicky)

Level 87
Dec 20, 2020
Christopher Colombus?
Level 83
Dec 20, 2020
Pigs? I knew they could fly, but I didn't know they could swim.
Level 64
Dec 20, 2020
I tried allllll the marine animals I could think of. And then the answer is pigs....who would have thunk?
Level 87
Dec 21, 2020
I think basketball has passed cricket as the top sport, especially among participants. A whole lot of kids playing college ball and a few in the pros. Probably could say the same thing with athletics.
Level 60
Nov 9, 2021
It has

Basketball is the most popular sport

Level 36
Apr 17, 2022
cricket is technically the national sport but like no one plays it, especially kids. There is a bustling soccer and baseball league but no basketball league for kids.
Level 57
Dec 21, 2020
Please accept "Vacation" for "Tourism"
Level 23
Jan 11, 2021
Everyone gave away so many answers XD
Level 62
Feb 11, 2021
I've lived in the Bahamas (on Eleuthera) for my childhood and in retirement, a total of decades. I've *never* seen anyone playing cricket here!

Try basketball, softball, swimming, sailing, rugby, tennis... but not cricket!

Level 54
Jan 11, 2022
Is the term "new world" kind of archaic and eurocentric as there has been evidence of people well over 15,000 years in the Americas.
Level 60
Jul 14, 2022
No, not even a little bit as the QM is going with what it was known as at the time.
Level 60
Jan 31, 2022
Wasn't the Dominican Republic the first country discovered in the new world