Celebrity Before and After

Join the names of two famous people, where one person's last name is the first name of the next person using the hints about the joined celebrity. For Example: This entrepreneur and FUBU founder was also the infamous 35th President of the United States. Answer: Daymond John F Kennedy (Daymond John--entrepeneur, + JFK--35th president)
Type in the full name
If one of the celebrities is known by their initials, you can just answer the initials, but write out the shared name: Daymond John FK
Includes fictional characters
Based on Jeopardy! clues
Quiz by Chestnuthare
Last updated: March 6, 2023
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When this Cleopatra actress gets criticized for her numerous relationships, she just "Shakes it Off"
Elizabeth Taylor Swift
This author wrote about how Alice stumbled into Narnia through the looking glass
C.S. Lewis Carroll
This person demanded "Respect" in their roles as Queen of Soul and four-term president of the United States
Aretha Franklin D. Roosevelt
You "can't see" this wrestler, so he'll light a "Candle in the Wind"
Elton John Cena
I did not have "Great Expectations" for this blind singer who decided to pursue writing.
Ray Charles Dickens
This person's been "Singin' in the Rain" "Since U Been Gone"
Gene Kelly Clarkson
When not hosting New Year's Rockin' Eve, he protects Metropolis as Superman
Dick Clark Kent
He was "Livin' La Vida Loca" when he stepped into the "West Wing" as Josiah Bartlet
Ricky Martin Sheen
Becoming the best basketball player of all time requires a good night's sleep, so "Wake [Him] Up Before You Go-Go"
George Michael Jordan
This 90's teen heart throb definitely made some "Home Improvements" by inventing the lightbulb
Jonathon Taylor Thomas Edison
He may no longer be the King of the Pride Lands, but he'll settle for being the "King of Queens"
Kevin James Earl Jones
"Stone Cold" WWE wrestler by day, international man of mystery by night
Steve Austin Powers
Became the first to reach Mount Everest's summit, but failed to become the first female president in the United States
Edmund Hillary Clinton
This guy's expressionist drip paintings won't make up for the Trail of Tears
Andrew Jackson Pollock
This Growing Pains star and Evangelical Pastor preaches that "There's Something About Mary"
Kirk Cameron Diaz
If he wanted to get ladies, George from Seinfeld could also mention that he co-authored the Federalist papers, and is the subject of a hit hip-hop musical
Jason Alexander Hamilton
Quasimodo might have had more luck if he shopped at his author's German luxury fashion brand
Victor Hugo Boss
Who knew the inventor of the cotton gin was also an R&B and pop diva?
Eli Whitney Houston
James A. Garfield's Vice President may have only served one term as president, but continues to educate children to this day as a cartoon aardvark.
Chester Arthur Read
This guy fought against Napoleon, and then against Apartheid
Horatio Nelson Mandela
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Mar 16, 2023
Nice quiz!