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2,2392020-06-24States in order of highest point
1,5582014-10-13Closest country through the alphabet
1,2552014-05-26Smells Like Teen Spirit lyrics
1,1132014-05-21Most Harmful Drugs
9572014-11-29Jump to the closest country- JetPunk style
7982015-01-27Closest country acrostics- L countries
7632015-01-27Closest country acrostics- G countries
6892015-01-27Closest country acrostics- J and K countries
6232015-01-27Closest country acrostics- H and I countries
5972015-01-27Closest country acrostics- F countries
5752015-01-27Closest country acrostics- Q and R countries
5692015-01-27Closest country acrostics- P countries
5482015-01-27Closest country acrostics- D countries
5282015-01-27Closest country acrostics- N and O countries
5242018-02-19Largest River Drainage Basins
5102015-01-27Closest country acrostics- South countries
5092015-01-27Closest country acrostics- E countries
4862015-01-27Closest country acrostics- C countries
4812015-09-04Closest countries to the poles by letter
4622015-01-27Closest country acrostics- M countries part 1
4292016-11-03Countries with documented Ebola outbreaks
4062015-01-26Closest country acrostics- V, Y, and Z countries
3442015-01-26Closest country acrostics- U countries
3192015-01-27Closest country acrostics- A countries part 2
3062015-01-27Closest country acrostics- A countries part 1
3042015-01-26Closest country acrostics- T countries part 1
3002015-01-27Closest country acrostics- B countries part 1
2882015-01-27Closest country acrostics- B countries part 2
2702015-01-27Closest country acrostics- S countries part 4
2692015-01-27Closest country acrostics- T countries part 2
2642015-01-27Closest country acrostics- S countries part 3
2622015-01-27Closest country acrostics- M countries part 2
2542015-01-22Closest country acrostics- Saint countries
1782014-11-23Closest capitals through the alphabet
1782021-05-26Law and Order main characters
1652015-12-10Countries with capitals on the Pacific Ocean
1622014-09-28Countries with Capitals on the Atlantic
1262015-03-13Jeopardy questions
872014-09-13Current U.S. territories
852014-11-24Countries and capitals first and last in the alphabet by length
812017-09-1150 Largest Drainage Basins in the World
722015-04-10Jump to the next longest capital name
692015-12-03Closest capital acrostics- C capitals
552015-12-13Closest capital acrostics- O capitals
552015-12-09Closest capital acrostics- M capitals
532015-12-08Closest capital acrostics- L capitals
532015-12-06Closest capital acrostics- F and G capitals
522015-12-04Closest capital acrostics- D capitals
522014-07-06States in order of lowest point
512015-12-09Closest capital acrostics- N capitals
492015-12-02Closest capital acrostics- A capitals
472014-05-19National Scenic Trails
472015-12-07Closest capital acrostics- K capitals
472015-12-16Closest capital acrostics- Q and R capitals
472014-11-24Zig zag north and east from Santiago
462015-12-06Closest capital acrostics- H, I and J capitals
462015-02-26Capitals in the Wrong Time Zone
442014-11-24Zig zag west and north from Wellington
432015-12-03Closest capital acrostics- B capitals part 1
422015-12-03Closest capital acrostics- B capitals part 2
422014-11-25Zig zag east and south from Reykjavik
402015-12-14Closest capital acrostics- P capitals part 1
402015-12-14Closest capital acrostics- P capitals part 2
392015-01-23Time Zones Not on the Hour