Quizzes by RDJ123

A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user RDJ123.
# of Quizzes 38
# Subscribers 5
Times taken 23,838
Quizmaker Rank # 1,233
8,6382022-10-14Kings and Queens of England and the United Kingdom
2,1092023-06-11British Politics
1,9362015-09-13London Football Clubs
1,4772014-06-20British Royal Residences
1,0902014-04-23Only Fools and Horses characters
8372016-01-28Star Trek: Deep Space Nine characters
8372014-05-14Tottenham Hotspur FC Top 10 all-time scorers
7582015-05-30Top 20 British Films
5812015-12-09100 Greatest British Novels - BBC Culture Poll
4632014-06-18Name the Star Trek character
4302014-05-22Dickens Characters
4142021-02-22Tottenham Hotspur FC Trivia Quiz
3712015-08-30Slightly obscure Harry Potter quiz
3222015-11-30Historical figures 1
3042015-11-20BAFTA Best Actors
2952016-01-28UN Secretary Generals
2662014-04-26Henry VIII Trivia
2582015-11-20BAFTA Best Actresses
2482023-06-11Tottenham Hotspur FC Managers
2352016-03-31Carry On actors
2342014-05-09Columbo killers
2052023-06-11Superheroes and Villains Actors
1762014-06-29Counties of England
1652014-06-20TimeOut Magazine's Best Comedy Movies
1592014-05-13Archbishops of Canterbury
1382016-02-03Harry Potter Quiz: Guess the Phrase
1372014-04-23Actor/Character M*A*S*H up!
1362020-07-04James Bond Odd One Out
1162015-11-20BAFTA Best Films
1022016-02-03Harry Potter Quiz: Guess the Phrase #2
722014-06-05D-Day 70th Anniversary Quiz
682014-05-13British and American Sitcoms
592020-04-17Odd One Out
512015-11-22Doctor Who: the Second Doctor episodes
422015-11-22Doctor Who: the Third Doctor episodes
382015-11-30Historical Figures 2
362015-11-22Doctor Who: the First Doctor episodes
352015-11-22Doctor Who: the Sixth Doctor episodes