Name the Star Trek character

Guess the Star Trek characters from the clues provided - I've tried to throw in some difficult ones to really test your Trek knowledge! Information is from the Memory Alpha Star Trek database and is inclusive of movie and TV Series incarnations of the franchise only (ie: canon).
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Dr McCoy's Nurse in the Original Series
Christine Chapel
Ninth host of the Dax Symbiont
Ezri Tigan
Current Klingon Chancellor
^His predecessor
Picard clone created by the Romulans
Main Vorta diplomat and leader
Original USS Voyager First Officer before Chakotay
Lieutenant Commander Cavit
Betazoid USS Voyager crewman who was a murderer
Crewman Lon Suder
Romulan Leader assassinated by a thalaron radiation device in "Nemesis"
Praetor Hiren
First Captain of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701
Robert April
Captain of the Enterprise in "The Motion Picture"
Willard Decker
Enterprise helmsman killed by Kirk on Delta Vega
Lieutenant Commander Gary Mitchell
Holodeck obsessed engineer, later instrumental in the Voyager Pathfinder Project
Lieutenant Reginald Barclay
Second Officer of USS Voyager
Lieutenant Commander Tuvok
Current Bajoran First Minister
Shakaar Edon
Elder half-brother of Spock
Klingon Chancellor Gorkon's traitorous Chief of Staff
General Chang
22nd Century geneticist encountered by the Enterprise NX-01
Arik Soong
Klingon Captain who orders the murder of Kirk's son, David
Commander Kruge
Ally of Zephram Cochrane who was beamed aboard a Borg-infested Enterprise-E
Lily Sloane
Ambitious, ultimately traitorous Bajoran religious leader
Kai Winn Adami
Micro-managing Captain of the Enterprise-D while Picard was on an undercover mission
Captain Edward Jellico
Brunali ex-Borg, adopted by USS Voyager
Second wife of Spock's father, Sarek
MACO Commanding Officer aboard the Enterprise NX-01
Major Hayes
Dominion War-era Federation President during the attempted coup by Admiral Leyton
President Jaresh-Inyo
Son of Deep Space Nine's Captain
Jake Sisko
Daughter of Klingon Chancellor Gorkon, elevated to Chancellor upon his death
Worf's younger brother
Adoptive older human brother of Worf
Nikolai Rozhenko
Human archaeologist and sometime romantic interest of Picard
Mother of Kirk's son, David
Doctor Carol Marcus
Seventh host of the Dax symbiont
330+ year old Ba'ku and brief love interest of Picard
Cardassian agent who infiltrated the Maquis and Voyager, later to ally herself with the Kazon-Nistrim
Human name of Seven of Nine
Annika Hansen
Commanding Officer of the USS Kelvin in "Star Trek" who is killed aboard Nero's ship
Captain Richard Robau
Head Nurse of the Enterprise-D under Dr Crusher
Alyssa Ogawa
Member of the Andorian Imperial Guard who became an ally and friend of Captain Archer
Thy'lek Shran
Armoury Officer aboard the Enterprise NX-01
Lieutenant Malcolm Reed
Pilot obsessed with killing a ship-devouring protoplasmic space entity who helps Seven save Voyager
Most Senior Enterprise Doctor after McCoy
Doctor M'Benga
Sister-in-law of Picard
Second Officer and Chief Engineer of the original series Enterprise
Montgomery Scott
Commanding Officer of the USS Reliant in The Wrath of Khan
Captain Clark Terrell
Assistant Director of the Cetacean Institute and protector of George and Gracie
Doctor Gillian Taylor
Federation Ambassador trapped on Nimbus III during "The Final Frontier"
St John Talbot
Identity given to Khan by Admiral Marcus in "Into Darkness"
John Harrison
Spock's Mother
Amanda Grayson
Botanist who marries Miles O'Brien
Keiko Ishikawa
Caitian Communications Officer aboard the Enterprise in the Animated Series
Lieutenant M'Ress
Original Enterprise-D Security Chief, killed by Armus on Vagra II
Natasha Yar
Level 50
Jun 15, 2014
Lieutenant Broccoli!
Level 43
Jun 18, 2014
Lol, I think I might include that as a possible answer for Barclay!
Level 50
Jul 14, 2014
Thank you! I love that nickname, and how Picard slipped and called him that once!
Level 28
Feb 7, 2015
12. I'm pathetic.

BUT I remembered Anij. Loved that movie.