Statistics for Ancient Greek and Roman Writers

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The teacher of all Greece and the most important epic poet.Homer
The student of Socrates and a founder of Academy in Athens, he is the source of the myth of Atlantis.Plato
Roman orator, philosopher and politician, famous for his speeches against the conspiracy of CatilinaCicero
Athenian playwright, wrote "Oedipus at Colonus" and "Antigone".Sophocles
A poet from the island of Lesbos, she wrote a number of poems describing her passionate feelings for her female students.Sappho
Greek tragic poets, believed by many Athenians to be scandalous and too modern for their tastes. He wrote, among others, "Medea" and "Bacchae".Euripides
Greek epic poet, supposedly met the Muses, wrote "Works and Days" and "Theogony".Hesiod
Greek biographer and philosopher, living under Imperial Romal rule; in one of his books he compares the lives of famous Greeks with famous Romans.Plutarch
Roman historian; in his book he described the history of Rome from the foundation of the city.Livy
Roman poet, protege of Mecenas and author of four books of odes.Horace
The first known Roman lyric poet, famous both for his emotional poetry to an unfaithful lover (called Lesbia) and for his witty, sarcastic poems on enemies and politicians.Catullus
A secretary to an emperor, this Roman biographer composed a set of lives of Caesars, most of them rather gossipy.Suetonius
Athenian orator and politician; first he warned his compatriots against Philip of Macedon, to become later a sworn enemy of Philip's son, Alexander.Demosthenes
Athenian politician of 7th/6th c. BCE, famous for redesigning Athenian politics and introducing first democratic elements into it. He was also a renown author of elegies.Solon
Roman playwright, the most popular author of comedies; Shakespeare reworked one of his plays in "The Comedy of Errors".Plautus
Roman poet, living in the late Republican era; he wrote a learned poem based on Epicurean philosophy.Lucretius

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