Political history of Rome

Political organisation of rome from the first king to the last emperor. (sources are taken from wikipedia)
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Last updated: May 3, 2014
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Founding of Rome, begining of the Roman kingdom (year)
753 BC
Title given to a roman king
Main political institution in the whole history of Rome
Last roman king
Tarquinius Superbus
Highest political status in Roman republic
In case of war or other threats to the republic one of the consuls becomes what?
Elected politicans that were responsible for public orders
˝The law of the twelve Tables˝ is what?
First written roman law
Two major political parites of roman republic
Optimates and Populares
First roman emperor (27BC)
Caesar Augustus
First period of Roman empire (era of expansion)
Mad roman emperor who named his horse for a senator
Caesar Caligula
The greatest expansion of empire was under the rule of this emperor
Caesar Trajan
Christianity was adopted as the offical state religion by which emperor?
Caesar Theodosius
Emperor who was named after the first roman king and first roman emperor is famous for what reason?
Last emperor of west roman empire
Level 61
Jun 2, 2018
You should add octavianus as an answer
Level 78
Mar 28, 2021
Great quiz. However I almost missed Optimates and Populares and did miss the last answer because it was hard to pin down the exact phrasing.
Level 74
Mar 28, 2021
Yes, I think the last answer should have more type-ins, such as "last emperor", "last western emperor", etc.
Level 74
Mar 28, 2021
You can make it easier if you choose a type-in type of "contains", rather than "starts with", and put the keywords there, like (last emperor), or just (last).
Level 78
Mar 28, 2021
Same here. The question about the twelve tables as well.
Level 75
Apr 1, 2021
Needs a lot of work. I'm a classics graduate and eternal roman boffin, but I regularly found myself asking "what do you want me to type for goodness sake?!"

Edit: it's not a bad set of ideas for questions, but better type-ins are needed (as mentioned above) and any open-ended questions need to be changed. e.g. the 12 tables one - with that sort of question you either accept thousands of type-ins or phrase it better.