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Majority Muslim Countries0-4.97288,726
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EU Countries Quiz0-4.99211,109
Countries that Start with A0-4.961,706,726
Countries that Start with B0-4.921,844,919
Countries that Start with C0-4.951,461,763
Countries that Start with D0-4.95502,054
Countries that Start with E0-4.921,081,214
Countries that Start with G0-4.961,171,861
Countries that Start with H0-4.92411,384
Countries that Start with I0-4.901,010,209
Countries that Start with J0-4.96414,408
Countries that Start with K0-4.94598,314
Countries that Start with L0-4.98843,130
Countries that Start with N0-4.89864,957
Countries that Start with P0-4.93955,994
Countries that Start with S0-4.961,404,671
Countries that Start with T0-4.88786,610
Countries that Start with U0-4.97708,286
Countries that Start with V0-4.97472,460
Countries that Start with M0-4.951,097,629
Formula One World Champions0-4.96224,973
Stephen King Stories0-4.5426,237
Top Crude Oil Producing Countries0-4.84147,557
Cities with the Most Metro Rail Stations0-4.8583,716
Countries in World War I0-4.91188,519
Disney Animated Characters0-4.83544,165
Formula One Countries Visited0-4.9289,237
Countries with the Most Exports0-4.96114,020
U.S. Bill of Rights0-4.5229,537
Countries with the Most Military Troops0-4.92210,383
Countries with Nuclear Weapons0-4.90203,483
Most Populous Countries A-Z0-4.98257,816
Countries of the Soviet Union0-4.99151,372
Ultimate Harry Potter Name Game0-4.96434,394
Modern Countries Conquered by Alexander the Great0-4.9293,925
The American Revolution0-4.4748,388
Groups of Things - Harry Potter0-4.82240,578
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Horror Movie Quotes Quiz0-4.2145,208
Wikipedia Languages0-4.9688,193
Largest Economies in 20500-4.8990,688
Name the Disney Animated Movies0-4.81345,277
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Horror Movie Co-Stars0-3.867,516
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Richest Countries by Per-Capita GDP0-4.95222,271
Star Wars Quotes0-4.88140,385
Countries by Oil Consumption0-4.95105,448
Countries with the Most Tanks0-4.8768,957
First Names of U.S. Presidents0-4.85304,965
Fictional Fathers0-4.0720,103
U.S. Citizenship Test Questions0-4.84187,386
Buddhist Countries0-4.97111,943
Spouses of World Leaders0-4.0610,798
Top Arms Exporting Countries0-4.9369,826
Coldest World Capitals0-4.97106,999
Countries with the Most Skyscrapers0-4.93103,381
Southernmost Countries A-Z0-4.96133,139
Top 10 Coldest U.S. States0-4.9291,710
Confederate States of the U.S. Civil War0-4.91105,980
Northernmost Countries A-Z0-4.99159,215
Countries with the Most Borders A-Z0-4.98103,143
Countries with the Most Major Earthquakes0-4.9490,535
Least Populous Countries A-Z0-4.99152,725
Google What's the Difference? - Animals0-4.8969,587
Most Guessed Countries on JetPunk0-4.96139,418
Monster Movies0-4.4427,253
Axis Occupied Countries of WWII0-4.99187,053
Biggest Countries by Area A-Z0-4.94151,647
Countries of the Japanese Empire0-4.9577,443
Countries Closest to Israel0-4.9190,906
Countries with the Most Muslims0-4.92121,527
Generator Puzzle #10-4.09101,765
Generator Puzzle #20-4.1028,086
Generator Puzzle #30-4.1827,754
Generator Puzzle #40-3.8913,616
Generator Puzzle #50-3.8510,892
Generator Puzzle #60-4.1518,352
Generator Puzzle #70-3.768,951
Generator Puzzle #80-3.929,511
Famous People Fractured0-4.0414,220
Christmas Generator Puzzle0-3.569,961
Top 100 Harry Potter Characters by Mention0-4.94309,761
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Geography Generator Puzzle #20-3.8124,692
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History Generator Puzzle #10-3.7828,450
History Generator Puzzle #20-3.5916,799
History Generator Puzzle #30-4.0516,916
History Generator Puzzle #40-3.7315,632
History Generator Puzzle #50-4.0317,027
History Generator Puzzle #60-3.9615,117
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Geography Generator Puzzle #60-3.8810,122
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History Generator Puzzle #80-4.0316,501
Geography Generator Puzzle #80-3.9112,928
Most Guessed Capitals on JetPunk0-4.9081,353
Countries Breakdown Puzzle #10-3.7898,483
Countries Breakdown Puzzle #40-4.1824,081
Countries Breakdown Puzzle #50-4.0211,951
Top Five Countries by Religion0-4.90125,907
Movies Generator Puzzle #10-4.1527,600
Movies Generator Puzzle #30-4.1011,032
Movies Generator Puzzle #20-4.3817,332
Movies Generator Puzzle #40-4.1713,862
Movies Breakdown Puzzle #20-4.059,481
American Revolution Decoder0-4.0618,590
Halloween Decoder0-4.1030,587
Countries Closest to the United Kingdom A-Z0-4.94154,064
Countries with the Most Catholics0-4.9182,835
Countries Closest to Spain A-Z0-4.9778,000
Five Most Guessed Countries by Continent0-4.94138,071
U.S. Cities with the Most Skyscrapers0-4.8167,840
Five Most Guessed Capital Cities by Continent0-4.8677,578
Halloween Scramble0-4.0728,016
Countries by Hottest Recorded Temperature0-4.8975,108
Countries with the Most Nobel Prizes0-4.8777,407
Countries A-Z by Neighbor0-5.00139,141
Alphabet Breadcrumb Trail0-4.9820,201
Marvel Cinematic Universe - All Movies0-4.89228,314
Neutral European Countries of WWII0-4.95114,960
Country Picture Puzzle Game #10-4.8273,399
Top 15 Countries with the Most Hindus0-4.9280,536
Country Picture Puzzle Game #20-4.4547,131
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Five Biggest Economies by Continent0-4.97147,785
Most Traded Currencies0-4.9481,948
Countries with the Most Christians0-4.9387,935
World Countries by 10 Category Elimination #10-4.9791,374
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Capitals of Countries with the Biggest Economies0-4.9083,125
Top 10 Biggest Economies in Africa0-4.99100,270
Top 10 Biggest Economies in Asia0-4.8791,477
Top 10 Biggest Economies in Europe0-4.95160,388
Top 10 Biggest Economies in the Americas0-4.9473,801
Coldest Countries0-4.97102,854
Top 10 Hottest European Countries0-4.89104,098
Top 10 Hottest U.S. States0-4.8291,305
Countries of Europe After World War II0-4.97148,791
Countries of Europe Before World War I0-5.00117,501
Top 10 Coldest Asian Countries0-4.9694,331
Top 10 Coldest European Countries0-4.94148,307
Shortest Country Name A-Z0-4.99176,869
Geography by Letter on the World Map - C0-4.8490,230
Countries with the Most Elite Universities0-4.9178,596
12x12 Multiplication - The Whopper0-4.8985,322
Most-Visited Countries by U.S. Presidents0-4.98158,574
Top 10 Richest Countries in Europe0-4.91119,698
Most Guessed European Capitals0-4.8769,901
Divided World City Name Puzzle #10-4.9232,917
Flags of the Countries that Start with A0-4.9493,747
Most Guessed U.S. Cities0-4.9080,241
Halloween Word Chain0-3.9533,137
Flags of the Countries that Start with C0-4.94103,356
Most Visited Countries by JetPunkers0-4.8669,235
Flags of the Countries that Start with I0-4.95120,953
Five Most Guessed Cities by Continent0-4.9795,276
Most Guessed Cities in Europe - Not Capitals0-4.8972,908
Countries where the Sea Freezes0-4.9175,353
Countries that Start with I - Shape Quiz0-4.9088,619
Most Common English Verbs - Extreme0-4.95111,268
Asian Countries with the Most Christians0-4.8974,053
Country Word Search - Large Edition0-4.5150,577
Richest Countries Bordering Each Other0-4.98110,337
Countries Hidden in the World Map - Treasure Hunt0-4.2724,052
London Underground Stations - With Map0-4.8782,995
Hardest Quiz On JetPunk0-5.0018,526
Category Elimination - Countries #10-4.99250,132
Name a Valid U.S. President #10-4.93130,560
Category Elimination - Countries #20-4.98181,873
Random Sequential U.S. States on a Map0-5.00184,530
Category Elimination - Countries #30-4.98174,343
Category Elimination - U.S. States #10-4.88165,782
Rich Countries Bordering Poor Countries0-4.9178,909
Category Elimination - Countries #40-4.99148,469
Category Elimination - U.S. States #20-4.8298,393
Name an Official Language A-Z0-4.90118,258