Music by Letter - T

Identify these musical things that start with the letter T.
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Quiz by kiwirage
Last updated: September 21, 2018
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First submittedMarch 7, 2017
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Orchestral brass instrument
Musical theater equivalent of an
Oscar award
Piece of music for three players
Small metal percussion instrument
Rapper Shakur
Also known as G clef
Swift of country and pop
Speed of a piece of music
Band with the 1982 hit "Africa"
"Hey Mr. __________ man, play
a song for me"
Girl band with 1995 hit "Waterfalls"
Adjust an instrument to correct pitch
Wagner opera: "______ and Isolde"
Higher than baritone, lower than alto
Composer of "The Nutcracker"
"What's Love Got to Do With It" singer
City that Drake is from
Nirvana: "Smells like ____ Spirit"
Level 21
Mar 26, 2018
good one, i think it's easier than the rest
Level 77
Sep 22, 2018
I even remember the video that went with Waterfalls. It was playing a lot. Also I liked it. One of the handful of songs from the 90s that I actually remember.
Level 77
Mar 22, 2019
When that song came out I was in Navy boot camp and we had to march everywhere we went. And when we marched we always had someone calling out cadence. There were quite a few divisions (us included) that were using the "Waterfalls" tune for cadence.
Level 83
Feb 21, 2019
A seriously wide-ranging quiz. :-) Well done.
Level 56
Mar 22, 2019
WHAT. "Waterfalls" is the lowest answer here? Explain yourself, Internet. How are there so many people who are aware of Tupac, but not TLC?
Level 86
Mar 22, 2019
Is this a joke? This sounds like a joke.
Level 67
Mar 22, 2019
Tupac is by many accounts the greatest rapper of all-time, and the clue gives away his last name. TLC was...a girl group. A very good girl group, but they are nowhere near as significant as Tupac was. Plus the Tupac/Biggie feud really elevated his stature in the general public consciousness. A biopic of his life was released last year...but yeah, also TLC. Sure.
Level 70
Aug 21, 2019
what does their sex have to do with it? It was not girly group like spice girls.

And I think you are overestimating the fame of tupac, people will know the name yes. But he is not as omnipresent as you seem to think.

I agree his name is bigger yes (because it gets repeated, for instance on quizzes like this so the name is kept alive, while tlc is hardly ever mentioned) but your last words/tone is unnecessary.. people that were around in the nineties will have heard of them. (though yes, it is not prompted, your memory is trggered better when half of the answer s allready there, your mind then just autocompletes)

Level 66
May 9, 2023
Waterfalls is a much more popular song than any Tupac song these days - FACT
Level 82
Mar 22, 2019
No idea who Toto is but I know that Weird Al Yankovic and Weezer did a cover of that song.
Level 71
Mar 26, 2019
Poor soul
Level 65
Mar 28, 2019
Toto is a rock band originally popular back in the late 70s to early 80s. I like their musicianship. There are many popular bands that are made up of amateur musicians who can only play basic cords and rhythms, but Toto is in a different class. Their original members were all studio musicians who made a living playing for other artists on their recordings. They then got together to form their own group. Their music is a little dated in style, but it's is still worth a listen.
Level 60
Mar 22, 2019
Did really good until the bands and song lyrics popped up. Have no clue what any of those are.
Level 47
Mar 22, 2019
I would say the question about clefs is a little misleading. A 'G' clef is simply one of several clefs which denote where on the stave the note G is to be placed. Typically, this is the G above middle C, though there are exceptions to this (i.e. octave-displaced clefs). The treble clef is indeed a G clef, however not all G clefs are treble clefs. A G clef is only the treble clef when placed on the second line of the stave. The same as not all F clefs are the bass clef, and not all C clefs are the alto clef (or solely used by violists!). However, no other G clefs are used in music today (apart from some violin music randomly being written in the old French violin clef), so the treble clef is the only G clef which is in practical use today. Ridiculously (and probably unnecessarily) pedantic? Almost certainly! But I thought somebody may find this interesting nevertheless...
Level 83
Apr 7, 2022
+ 1 for ridiculous and unnecessary pedantry
Level 22
Mar 22, 2019
i am EXTREMELY impressed that it took my grossly misspelled answer of "tchaikovsky"
Level 37
Jul 5, 2023
tachovsky wasn't good enough unfortunately (I'm not complaining I wasn't even close)
Level 70
Aug 21, 2019
Wow that was fast.. 2:28 remaining! It was over before I knew it. The first of the series I got 100% on I think. With most others I missed 2.
Level 71
May 19, 2020
Not that it really matters in this context, but the Tony's aren't just for musical theater.
Level 78
Feb 5, 2023
Multiple contemporary references, yet you don't include timpani? Points off.
Level 66
May 9, 2023
75% knowing the city where Drake was born is absurd to me, am I out of touch?
Level 57
Feb 13, 2024